SSL Issue

I have a customer that uses this product and after installing Bitdefender Internet Security build: he's getting BAD_SIGNATURE errors. In researching the problem it appears all we need to do is untick the scan ssl box but he is unable to find it and I don't have access to his computer at the moment to look for him. Could someone please tell me where to find this?


A support site gave instructions but apparently for a different version.  

To solve this issue, we recommend you to temporarily turn off “Scan SSL” feature in Bitdefender as follows:

  • bring up the main Bitdefender interface

  • click on Settings from the upper right toolbar

  • From Settings Overview choose Privacy Control

  • In the Antiphishing tab use the switch to temporarily turn off Scan SSL feature

Now close the Bitdefender window and try to access the webpage one more time


  • Your customer is lucky to have you researching for him.  It took me quite some time to figure out that Firefox was blocking just about every website because of a setting in Bitdefender!  Now comes the easy part:  changing the setting.  On the main BD page, click on View Features.  Then click on the settings (gear) icon under Web Protection.  Disable "Scan SSL," which is the third item on the list.