Entered new activation code but still says it's about to expire

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I bought a new licence for Total Security 2018 on Amazon. The seller sent me a message with the activation code. In TS 2018, on my computer,  I clicked on "Enter Activation Code" and that opened a web browser where I entered the activation code. Now on BitDefender Central, on my account, it says my 3 devices are now 365 days but "not protected". If I click on one of the three devices it says it "is protected"!

Meanwhile on BitDefender on my computer it still says my subscription expires in 11 days.


WTF is going on?






You can't embed images? FFS BitDefender it's 2017.



Also it says devices 0/5 though quite clearly I have 3.


  • Greetings!

    First of all use the Uninstall Bitdefender tool to remove completely your BD Product and its files. Here is the link to download that: https://www.bitdefender.com/uninstall/

    Then please go to your Bitdefender Central and at "My Devices" try to delete the Device information showing over there. Now, click on Install Bitdefender and download it in your PC and later follow the steps according during and after the installation.

    Note: Check in your "My Subscriptions" that to make sure yo have your paid license over there in your Bitdefender Central.

    Hope this helps to solve your issue that you are facing.


  • Why do this? Why can't it just use the new licence key like the old days? This is stupid.

  • 6 hours ago, soopytwist said:

    Why do this? Why can't it just use the new licence key like the old days? This is stupid.

    Well I am not sure, like the old days things should work in common but in your case it doesn't for some matter so please try the above procedure and see if it fixes your issue.