30 minutes to autoupdate

This morning, I have my coffee and sit in front of my laptop, ready to read my email and the news on the internet. I see that my laptop was rebooted. I login and wait. And wait. And wait.  I check Task Manager and see several BitDefender icons and installer running.

30 minutes later, I give up and walk away. I do not like Bitdefender. You are so arrogant.  You are not the reason that I bought a laptop. Your application is not the primary application, But you certainly act like it.

Over 30 minutes? My internet speed this morning (I checked later) is 26 mbps download so that is not the issue.



  • Hey Marius,  No more reports of long update times ? Where is the response to this post from your "support" personnel ? 

  • This issue will be fixed fully in upcoming new product release, stay tuned.