Bitdefender 2019 slows down my pc when using Firefox

Hi there,

after upgrading from Total defender 2018 to 2019 version, my Pc is really slow. Opening any app takes 20s and more. (photoshop takes 30s!!!)

I've searched the forum and find out that the problem is that Bitdefender does not deal with Firefox:

I checked and I confirm that after opening firefox for the first time, the PC becomes really slow in opening the apps and google chrome becomes really really sluggish (1 minute to show the output of any search in google.).

Closing Firefox does not resolve: the only solution is to reboot the PC.

Since Firefox is my primary and default browswer, I need a fix or I am afraid I'll certainly have to quit my Bitdefender subscription and move to another company's software.

I have opened a ticket and submitted the log to [email protected] and I am waiting for a reply.

I am writing here because I hope that could help some other customer avoiding the time I have wasted investigating the problem.

I am really disappointed that I cannot rollback to 2018 while you are looking for the fix and really surprised that a company like this releases a new version without enough tests.

Thank you. Best regards.


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