BUG - Constant disk read/write while Bitdefender is installed



  • The additional time showed up immediately in BD Central, but took another day to show up in "My Account" on the dashboard. Looks like one sys had to sync with another. Check BD Central first.

  • Pfew... finally!  WMI / wmiprvse seems to behave now.

    I'm so glad I don't have to run hacky scripts on startup anymore.

    Each time I forgot, I wondered afterwards what that might have done to my comp, LOL.

    Thanks BD. 

    (Though 2 months from first report to solution are a bit long for a critical Bug like this, dontcha think? :unsure: )

  • 7 hours ago, BDAlexS said:

    I only sent mine yesterday too, and have not had a response either..

    But seriously man - it's the weekend and people live in different timezones! - I don't expected it to be sorted for a little while this is an admin task. People are allowed weekends off.

    You've still got 129 days so I can't imagine why you think it's urgent.


    I will check my PMs again on Monday.

    Thank you for understanding!

  • I wrote to Bitsy yesterday.

    Got an answer  an hour ago : 3 months added.

    I take my hat off to all the team  : It's Saturday evening, we all know that ...

    People are on WE ; nevertheless  Anna Letitia Luca (Bitdefender Support Team) wrote to me. 

    Sergiu has just answered to BD Alex ! 


    Bravo pour votre sérieux et votre investissement !!!


    Dan from France

  • 10 hours ago, DAN57150 said:


    You sign in

    You click on Sergiu's avatar (B)

    You click on "message" ...



    Thanks a lot Dan, I did not try this indeed... I sent an email to Sergiu, I hope I will receive a positive answer as well !

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