Firewall blocking and no notification

I'm experiencing really frustrating behaviors with Total Security 2019 firewall.  I indicated that my network is Home Office, I added a rule that give total access to all applications for my router ip (  This doesn't work, I'm continously blocked for some internet IP like (my network printer). As bitdefender doens't understand that router's address comes with a rage of IP addresses, how could I enter this range of IP adrress (192.168.2 to 192.168.254) without adding more than 200 rules  ?  So far, I had to set static addresses  and have a specific rule for thoses addresses. 

The other problem is that even with firewall Alert mode set to On, I've no notifications about something that was blocked.  I see notifications for external ip never for internal IP but these ones are continously blocked.   Is it possible that Alert mode is only for outside IP address ? So, if we cannot get alerts for internal network addresses blocked,   they should not be blocked or if they have to be blocked, we should be able to enter range IP address or be notified.  Right now, the only way to be sure firewall is the problem, is to disable Firewall and check if it works.  So far firewall is THE problem.   Yesterday, printer was perfectly working with a DHCP address, this morning, no more printer ... it was blocked by firewall.  I had to set a static address, not very convenient. 




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    I have to delete firewall rules in order for some programs to gain access to internet again (build

    Maybe a reinstall will help.

  • I think I've found the bug ... you CANNOT have a firewall default application behavior set to Block, have specific rules for exceptions. First time I see something like that.  A firewall is exactly for that : block if not rules allow.  USELESS Firewall ! 

    J Guy 

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