PC had wrong date on and now by Total Security says sub has expired

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Yesterday I booted up my second PC at a friends house. Immediately BD comes up to say my subscription has expired, which is weird because that PC is one of my 3 devices which in my dashboard (when I log into central) says is protected. It is then that I notice the date and clock on the taskbar is very wrong. It said it as 4th April 2021!! I have no idea why that happened. I've heard of the clock being old before due to CMOS battery but never a future date! Consequently that is why BD now thinks my subscription has expired.

Meanwhile my main PC is fine, protected for 332 days. When I log into central and check my 3 devices they are all protected. But when I boot up that second PC which now has the correct date set BD still says the sub has expired and I don't know what to do. I've tried clicking "I already have a subscription and I want to activate the product" but an error comes up to say "It appears you don't have an active subscription".


Also I can't access the internet on my second PC as login.bitdefender.net denies access to EVERYTHING saying the website has not configured their site properly and clicking Advanced gives me really confusing certificate messages, none of which work. I can't even connect to BitDefender without it saying the website is configred incorrectly. So I can't try entering my activation code!!!


  • Okay, it would seem in order to re-establish that my subscription IS still within date I have to reboot after resetting the system date. Unfortunately each time I reboot the PC the date changes to a random one in the future. This morning it has decided the year is 2041. Now I may feel 65 this morning after last nights celebrating but it is still 2019 and I'm still 42. I think the problem here therefore is the either the BIOS or the CMOS battery or controller and not BD.

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    It is a bit odd that the system is skipping time so much in the future. You could check what time is displayed under your BIOS settings, to see if the time is displayed correctly there? If it is, perhaps set the time manually at the operating system level, instead of letting it sync with a Microsoft online server.