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Donald Holmberg
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In July I called and informed of problem w/ wells fargo not auto fill in safepay That one site got fixed some weeks later. I have been waiting fior bank of america, american express, publix grocery shopper and others to no avail I have periodically requested help but no help has been given I will not trust safepay nor wallets nor vaults with important documents/info nor will purchase update when this one runs out...why? Technical Support is not technical support.

I had another issue w/ export/import wallet and was told i selected to import from old files and its my fault wallet database was messed more discussion allowed.

Kaspersky I think!

Support: If you wish to reply please use my email as i dont come here is not user friendly


  • Hi Donald, 

    When you import a .db wallet file, you have the option at the end, to also import the information from your browsers. The option to import is enabled by default, as in the picture below. 

    If you still have the original .db file, you could just import it once more, without importing any data from your browsers.


  • RE: From Central: Bitdefender Total Security 2018 2018071320250002 rec'd 9Apr2020

    Dear customer,

    Thank you once again for your patience and understanding regarding this case.

    I would like to let you know the bug reported is still being investigated, and our developing team is working on a permanent fix. As of now, I do not have an estimated date when it will be fixed. Rest assured, I will send you an email once this is resolved.

    Please let me know if you would still like to receive updates regarding this case.

    Best regards,

    Andrei Moagar

    Senior Technical Support Engineer 

    ?? any progress?

  • Flexx

    Hi Member,

    I would like to request you that if you have raised a ticket kindly send a follow email on that only and if by chance you have deleted that email, kindly send a new email to support with the old ticket number.



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  • I am leaving Kaspersky and have purchased Bitdefender Total Security 2022.

    I have exported my password data and have a kpm_vault.edb file.

    How do I import this file into a new wallet?

    If this is not possible, then I have wasted my purchase money :-(