Bitdefender Central Down?

Anyone else having problems logging into Bitdefender Central?

I I keep getting redirected from https:// to





  • i am too



  • is Bitdefender really good? I just purchased the subscription and now I get the same "internal server error" and they have yet to send me an activation code


    I am now thinking if they can't even get their own website up and running properly, and their subscription process to be working smoothly, should I even trust them to protect me from malware. 

  • Same here everything Bitdefender is down and not running, renewed 3 months ago and their VPN for a 1yr subscription and now all are saying I have to renew them again. All functions of Bitdefender (Firewall, Antivirus/Malware , Online security) non-functional left me wide open to potential attacks, tried to run Windows Firewall couldn't had to completely uninstall Bitdefender to get Windows Firewall running (having to restart OS several time to do so) so I'd at least have a firewall up and running , the same for Windows Defender. Tried support nothing no reply so now trying here to see if I can get some answers to what's going on?!




  • Same issue for me. Just spoke to support and this is what they told me:

    "We're running an unscheduled maintenance and this matter will be resolved as soon as possible. Once it's resolved, you will be able to login to Central. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    We currently don't have an ETA for the current maintenance, however our technicians are hard at work on a resolution and it shouldn't take more than a couple of hours."

  • Hi, 

    The issue with Bitdefender Central has been addressed. 

    Thank you. 

  • Is it down again?

    I get the error message "OOPS". We are experiencing an internal server problem.


  • Is it down again?

    I get the error message "OOPS". We are experiencing an internal server problem.


  • Scott
    Scott Defender of the month mod

    Hi @sandymike

    I just tried it on 2 separate PCs, with two separate browsers, Chrome and Firefox without any problem. But... in doing it again, I did get that message on the BD login window. I refreshed the browser, got the new security code, and it went into Central.

    If needed, try clearing you're browser cache/history etc. and see if you're able to log in. It could just be a glitch.

    Kind regards,


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