BD Central MAC addresses solution

I read in the Support forum that it is mostly due to double MAC addresses that the BD Central does not display all devices correctly. (Not for me either)

Here might be a solution:

After checking with "ipconfig /all" Bitdefender just uses the last MAC address from ipconfig. This refers to a deactivated "Bluetooth Personal Area Network Device" and in no way to the activated Network Devices like the "Intel Gigabit Network Connection". 

Wouldn't it make sense to use activated Network Devices in BD Central and not just the last Network Device from ipconfig to exclude duplicate Mac addresses and to display all devices in BD Central correctly?

Furthermore, this error also causes an incorrect number of used devices to be displayed. The correct evaluation of the used licenses should therefore also be in the interest of Bitdefender.



  • After a second check on one of the other computers, the last MAC address from ipconfig /all is not used, as written above, but also the wrong one.

    Also on this computer the Mac address of an offline device "Bluetooth Personal Area Network Device" is used and not the active main network card "Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller".

    Since I use a Bluetooth USB stick from the same manufacturer on each of the two computers (not in a shared network) and this device apparently has the same Mac address, BD Central displays incorrect information and the wrong number of devices.

    The Mac address of the primary and active network card is simply not used.

    Hope this helps to solve the problem.


  • Update: the deactivation of the "Bluetooth Personal Area Network Device" and restart of the computer unfortunately did not provide a solution. The wrong Mac address, which is no longer present in "ipconfig", is still displayed in BD Central for this computer and unfortunately another computer is still missing in the overview of BD Central.

    I'm looking forward to your answer, thank you.

  • Hi Chris,

    We're currently investigating this situation and have forwarded your provided details to our development team.

    You should have an email on this topic from me shortly.


  • Hi Stefan,

    Perfect, thanks a lot.