You Have Blown My Mind!

I am an IT Professional. I bought Total Secure for 15 devices yesterday for my home use. The Enterprise solutions I use are your products rebranded under the company I use for my Administration. After spending last night and today configuring 13 devices, you have blown my mind with your product. 

I came here to complain about your lack of security for Bitdefender Central and found you have two-factor authentication here on a forum? But not on Central? If someone is able to bypass the Central password, they can remote lock and pin users’ mobile devices and hold them for ransom and remote wipe them if this feature is turned on.

After installing Central on my iPad, I found I could remote lock, and remote wipe all of my PC's and Macs. THERE IS NO WAY TO DISABLE THIS FEATURE ON THE PC AND MAC SIDE!

Why would you have a web portal and an app that can lock and wipe your client's devices with a standard password for security and no two-factor authentication? If your client's devices get remote locked from an attacker via your Central portal, how are they going to be able to log in to the Bitdefender account to change the password? You have a huge liability at this point.

You do know most users still in this day and age use the same weak password for everything right? 

I have uninstalled your product on all 8 of my home PCs at this point due to the lack of Central security.

Blows my mind you are more concerned about security on a forum than your Central portal. Your client's devices that can lose all data if their account gets compromised if they do not have proper backups as most users DO NOT have any.

I would not expect something like this from a security company.  


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    I forgot to add if an attacker gains access to a Central account, they can also sit back and watch viewing the locations of all devices in real time. Seeing PC locations (HOMES) and mobile devices they can watch to see where someone lives and when they are gone or on vacation and go and break into their homes as well.

    Why would you launch this product without two-factor authentication? 

    At least Microsoft, Google, and Apple not only have two-factor authentication but also immediate account access alerts from new devices and geotag the locations and IP addresses so you can block those devices if it was not you.  


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    Just got my subscription refunded. Thanks! 

    Found another issue.

    While my products are no longer active on Android, PC, and Mac and not accessible through Central. My 5 IOS devices are still protected and fully accessible through the Central portal. Meaning I can still go to Central, devices, and view the locations, remote lock/pin, and wipe them without a subscription.

    Was/is there internal testing? 

    This would not be that big of a deal if this was only antivirus, internet security, and family controls only through a management console. But when you also give access to location data, locking, and wiping data and are lacking the security to protect it, that is a problem. 

    This post from 7 months ago is all it takes and you are done.

    /index.php?/topic/80093-bitdefender-central-phishing-url/" rel="">Bitdefender Central Phishing URL

  • Hello,


    Thank you for your feedback. With Bitdefender 2020 version the Bitdefender Central account will have 2 factor authentication.

  • On 7/1/2019 at 4:18 AM, Roxana G said:



    Thank you for your feedback. With Bitdefender 2020 version the Bitdefender Central account will have 2 factor authentication.

    Thanks for your response. I will consider repurchasing your product next year if two-factor is made available in your product.  

  • I would not pay any cent for a product, that shows bugs always. Not even if they pay me for using their product. Worst fail is the problem with their servers on updating antivir definition files. Here in Germany they have this problem, it seems. This is a mess. A mess and makes me aggro.

  • I can't calmly visit some sites. I often like to play at various venues like this And your product bans her! What is the problem? No viruses and problems were not ... At work, too, need to rest!

  • I have Bitdefender 2020 and I still don't see any option to enable two-factor authentication. 

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    On 8/21/2019 at 1:26 PM, Bleb Nevus said:

    I have Bitdefender 2020 and I still don't see any option to enable two-factor authentication. 

    While waiting for Bitdefender to fix this problem, my netgear router upgraded the firmware and made BItdefender Armor available. Which HAS 2 factor authentication, a Bitdefender Central portal through Netgear, unlimited device installs, and is only 49.99 a year. It is the exact same software installed on each PC that was direct from Bitdefender, except on mobile devices you download and install Bitdefender Armor instead of Bitdefender Central. Not only are all my devices protected, my gateway is protected and the router level now as well.


    You can check it out here: