Total Commander - in context menu not Bitdefender

I am a new user and installed Bitdefender for the first time. I always use Total Commander and not explorer. But in the context menu Total Commander there is no Bitdefender.

Is it possible to fix it somehow?


  • This option with Bitdefender, when you right clicked, was present once in Total Commander.

    However, for reasons known only to Bitdefender, the elimination has been decided starting with Bitdefender 207 or 2018 (I don't remember exactly)

    I also use Total Commander and I miss this feature

  • The Bitdefender option is also missing for those of us who use xplorer2.  Disappointing.  I seem to remember reading something about this in a post some long time ago, but I have forgotten.  Perhaps someone at BD will enlighten us.

    Have a great day, any ways.



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    Thanks for answers.

    I tried to rename the executables of third-party file managers, according to the methods that I found on the network, but this did not help.

    It’s strange. The antivirus manufacturer must take care of user convenience. I often use little-known programs, and it would be convenient for me to scan them from Total Commander. But I have to use the Explorer (I hate it).

    This is the conspiracy with Microsoft.:);)


  • Hello everyone!

    Currently Bitdefender File Shredder is compatible only with Windows Explorer and there are no plans to include support for 3rd party file explorers for the moment.

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