small office security to add to computers with free Total Security

edited October 2020 in Installation

I have installed and activated Small Office Security (SOS) on my primary computer. I want to add it to other computers. They have free Total security version installed. Do I ?

1. delete TS on othr computers and do new install SOS on each computer. 2. leave TS and add my activation code to current TS in the other computers.


  • It seems to me, that for some insane reason, neither will work, at least not in reverse. The activation codes for "office" and "home" products force you to create a new account for upgrading from one to the other. Nice, you give them more money, and they give you more pointless work you must do yourself? Work that will only lead to constant login/account confusion and issues (for customers) from the very start! I deeply miss f-prot, and am regretting my purchase of bitdefender more and more. :(