Web Protection keeps turning off - Galaxy S8 on Android 9


Every day or so when I check my Bitdefender Security app, Web Protection is turned off. Every day I turn it on again and I have to set the the system permission slider to on... for some reason the system keeps turning the slider to off. I can't seem to trigger this by rebooting my phone... it just happens after some time.

I would like some suggestions on things I can try to prevent from Web Protection turning itself off.

I have a Galaxy S8 (SM-G950F), running on Android 9, One UI version 1.0. I'm using the latest version of Bitdefender Security -


  • Hello,

    in the energy management settings, the sleep mode must be removed for the application.


  • I'm not in sleep mode and it's still doing it to my doogee s95 pro

  • Hi @Richo ,

    The issue is indeed caused by a system optimization mechanism that removes the permission required by Web Protection. Solving it can be different depending on the device - you can either look for battery optimization and exclude the Bitdefender Mobile Security app or look for some rules that can be handled at device-level for managing apps or prioritizing their background functionality.

    Hope this helps; I couldn't find anything more specific to the Doogee, but I recommend looking through the device settings to find a method of excluding the app from being closed off so you can keep Web Protection enabled at all times and browse safely.

  • Can that be the case even if the phone is plugged in to a quick charge? I'll probably DIY it I've done around 3 iPhones and an s8 battery


  • Hello,

    are there any ideas for Vivo Y30 and Android 10?

    I have the same problem, web protection keeps turning off despite exclusion of the service from battery optimization.

    I've looked through all the settings but can't find any relevant to correct this behavior.

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