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Threat Database Updates not showing in Notifications Tab again!


According to my notifications tab my database hasn't been updated since October 26th. The about tab says it was updated 2 hours ago but I have an update recommendation even though when I click to update there is no new database to get? I'm running Windows 10 64 bit Home and as you see below Internet Security 2020. I ran a quick scan which came back clean so that rules out infection. I'm going to include screens to show you what I'm seeing below:

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  • Jay-Z
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    If you bothered to read the comment you would've seen I was asking if anyone else was experiencing the same problem. I know nobody here can resolve program issues; especially when nobody from bitdefender seems to even show up here anymore. That's why I sent the issue to support for a fix. I was just curious if others had the same problem.


  • Jay-Z

    Also submitted a support request email. Just curious if anyone else is having the same issue!!!

  • Gauthey
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    be careful if you upgrade to the new version you will lose certain safe functions and in particular the widgets which must be deleted. but we are mobilizing to change that

  • itsParham

    why should you guys check the last update from notifications anyway?

    i always check it from About and it working all good

  • Jay-Z
    edited October 2020

    After an update earlier and a system restart, the update showed in the notifications tab again and that Update recommendation went away. Now the time is off in the About Tab. That says my last Threat database update was at 3:51 pm EDT but the notifications tab says it was updated a little over an hour ago which would've made it around 6:00 pm edt. I only double check things using the about tab so if it continues to show up in the notifications tab and is current then that will work for me. I'll monitor and comment back later on if any changes happen. The current time for me right now is 7:30 pm EDT.

  • Flexx

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    If you face the same issue again, kindly drop an email directly to the bitdefender support at Your query can be answered by support staff only. Forum cannot provide you with any resolution in regards to the issue you are facing.



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