Profile Pop Up Box Nagging.

I've re-installed twice. First time with keeping settings. Second time after removing completely and still I get a nag pop up telling me BD has my back every other time I close Photoshop or whatever. Occasionally it pops up a while after closing a program and about to browse the internet for eg. so it'll take focus off the webpage and I'll have to manually close the box that doesn't auto fade. Only then does BD allows me to go back to doing what I was doing.

Can you fix this please? I know BD has my back. It's told me 30 times. Tonight 😆

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  • FlexxFlexx ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Member,

    Sorry for the issue you are facing. Kindly drop an email to bitdefender support staff at and explain the issue in brief so that they can help.



    (Bitdefeder beta tester 2019/ 2020)

  • Hi. I've got the same issue with the "Bitdefender has your back" pop up msg box appearing every time I use an MS Office app lately, plus a few more. Really annoying.

    Never used to do it until recently. So should I drop an email to bitdefender support staff at [email protected] and explain the issue in brief as well.

    It would be good if you could just turn it off.


  • FlexxFlexx ✭✭✭✭

    Sorry for the issue you are facing. Kindly drop an email to bitdefender support staff at and explain the issue in brief so that they can help.



  • Same problem here. Just sent an an email to

  • Thanks Tech Hiker. I was too lazy to get around to it yet, so ended up turning off "Activate profiles automatically" in "Settings / Profiles" to get rid of it for now.

    Also, I just learnt you can't use the Greater Than symbol (>) in this text box followed by a space, or it disappears, hence the brackets around it. They say it's good to learn something new everyday......done.😁

    Hopefully Bitdefender will get rid of the notification that I don't really need. I'm assuming it's got my back already, don't need reminding every time I open something.

    Stay safe peoples.

  • Turning on this popup is a good way of loosing customers. I will leave.

  • I have the same issue since a few days, and this is really really annoying, please BitDefender, remove that pop-up/notification or give us an option to remove it, this is real annoying I am about to de-install your product.

    Just sent an email to [email protected] as well

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    Dear Lord!

    Now I have pop-ups coming up in the middle of games telling me that the game I've been playing for the past hour is accessing the microphone that I've been using throughout my playtime. This is not only annoying as hell but also makes the frame rate tank and I had to alt tab to desktop and back in the middle of a fight in the Division 2.

    Can we stop with the pop-ups or have an option to disable them. Please!

    Ps. Notify when application accesses the microphone is off.

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    Hi Flexx,

    I've turned off notifications for the game. Hopefully that'll be it. Never had this problem with it before though.


    Great. Now I've marked a different answer to the original question as the right one. Face -> palm.

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    You are welcome. If you by chance face the similar issue again, you can drop a reply back here.



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    I uninstalled BD over this problem. It is a shame that BD is not more responsive in fixing this. Using Norton 360 now, no problems there.

    Bill Byrnes

  • Same Here. I did a fresh install yesterday, so the problem has nothing to do with older versions. These popups are obnoxious

  • Funny you mention Norton 360, I switched to Bitdefender because Norton 360 was a PITA, but that was a while ago now. But I guess nothing is perfect in this world. I can't understand why Bitdefender haven't just turned off this notification in an update though. I'd imagine it would only involve changing a couple of line of code. Guess it's not high on their list of @kmdavisjr says, obnoxious notification, as well as totally unnecessary. Shameless self promotion, seems to be the trend these days. They'll find out the hard way, when people like myself cancel their subscription....after the free extension they gave me for their last stuff up runs

  • Wow, same here. I have been using Symantec products since the early 90s. Unfortunately, Norton 360 became too much of a PITA to justify me keeping it installed on my system I uninstalled it with 2 months remaining on my subscription.

  • dex1701dex1701
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    Yeah, I just started getting these as well. I was previously using Webroot for 2 years, which can be configured to stay completely out of the way unless it detects a problem. Nag pop-ups are a deal-breaker for me. I decided to try something different after using Webroot for a while, so I purchased a 3-license pack for Bitdefender Internet Security. After all of the attempts to up-sell me to additional products were disabled (REALLY annoying), I thought I was in good shape until I started being nagged constantly about activating profiles. I just want the basic protections (antivirus, browser tracking blocker, suspicious page alerts). I know what I want to have active and what I don't. I don't need a VPN or a password manager (I already have both). My #1 criteria for a security product is that it stays out of my way. Unless there's a problem or I want to change a setting, I don't want to EVER see the UI. If there's no way to disable ALL of the nag screens and up-sells, I'll be writing off what I paid for Bitdefender as a learning experience, going back to Webroot, and will not look back. Up-sells and nag screens are the absolute LAST thing I want to see in a paid security product. Very irritated with Bitdefender right now. 🤬 Unnecessary notifications/reminders that I can't turn off = permanent uninstall. Right now, Bitdefender has 2 strikes with me. I've already wasted more time fiddling with it than it's worth. One more strike, and it's out for good.

  • Had enough. Uninstalled and bought a license for ESET internet security.

  • @Skullomania & @dex1701 thanks for the info. I might have to check out the competition when my current subscription expires.

  • I noticed that Bitdefender have got rid of the widget, which was useful & could be turned off, but kept the annoying work profile notification that is useless & can't be turned off unless you disable Automatic Work Profiles.

    Good move Bitdefender....NOT!


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