Please bring back the Security Widget in Total Security



  • BRING BACK THE WIDGET! It IS one of the most usefull parts of Bitdefender. With a quick look I can see if there are any Notices that need my attention. Under Used is BS just by you guys i guess.... PUT IT BACK NOW.

    Get you collective heads out of your gigantic rears and put it back.

    Oh and by the way HOW THE FRACK would you know who is using it UNLESS your SPYING on our DESKTOP.

  • GautheyGauthey ✭✭✭

    Hello, if you want her to move, please sign this petition quickly

  • I have emailed support regarding this and recieved word for word the same response posted by Flexx above.

    What this tells me (as someone that used to work in IT support groups) is that Bitdefender were expecting complaints

    on this issue and have instructed their support staff to only offer a stock answer to any questions or support tickets raised.

    This kind of response is in my opinion lazy and normally used in an attempt to weather a storm of complaints in the hope that

    after a while users will just give up and accept what has happened.

    What it does indicate is that Bitdefender are not concerned by or interested in user opinions and opening support tickets regarding this issue will eventually prove pointless.

    The only solution I can see for me personally is to change software at the end of my subscription period.

  • GautheyGauthey ✭✭✭

    We must continue the fight, we must write to them often to tell them that everyone does not agree with his way of doing things

    Write to them on social networks

  • GautheyGauthey ✭✭✭


    We have sent them a very salty email, and have written to support very often so far no response. Could we have found Bitdefender's weak point?

  • Please please bring back the Security Widget. It made being able to see at a glance what was happening and made access to adjustments very simple and straight forward.

    It was also I believe unique to Bitdefender.

    So Bitdefender if you are really interested in your customers please listen to and act upon our wishes, after all there are plenty of other Internet Security Software sellers out there.

  • Bring it back or I'll wil not be renewing my 5 device software in 2021!

  • Well Bitdefender I leaving at the end of my license. Thank you from you understanding.

  • Hello,

    We can still change that, sign this petition and show Bitdefender that we are stronger than they have to listen to their customer.

  • The situation seems to be accelerating the support receives a large number of requests to return the widget we must continue

  • FlexxFlexx ✭✭✭✭

    @Alex D., @Andy_BD

    Can you please get any available developer from the bitdefender team to come and share the opinion regarding the widget. Support team is of no help and they are now sharing the pre feeded templates as their replies. It would be helpful if you can arrange someone from the developer team to come forward and respond here. A direct conversation with any of the available developer will be the best thing.

    Can you please arrange a developer to directly comment on this post, instead of waiting for support to share the feedback with developers, then developers sharing the response to support and then support sharing the response to user. It takes around a weeks time whereas earlier in maximum of 72 hours all tickets used to receive a response.

    Please arrange any available developer from development team to directly reply back here. It will be of great help.



  • GautheyGauthey ✭✭✭
    edited November 2020

    Yes, everyone is waiting here and chat support is starting to get more and more demand for the widget, so it's good that it's popular.

    Communication that listens to its customers is not the same from year to year.

  • Hello,

    We have proof that the petition set up can make a difference, the support we have confirmed that the developers consult it every day and he watches the beginners share this petition as much as possible.

    Look at the screenshot, it's just getting started :)

  • FlexxFlexx ✭✭✭✭


    Forum Member's & Forum Visitors (non -forum members)

    Kindly fill up the following petition available in the below link created by bitdefender forum member @Gauthey in order to request bitdefender development team to bring back the widget in the latest version of bitdefender consumer products (2021 version)



    (Bitdefender beta tester 2019/ 2020)

  • thank you so much

    Yes, pass it on to your friends, relatives, all your stuff, only you can change things

  • I, like many others have noted, rely on the security widget as a quick reference that things are scanning and under control. Now I have to open BitD and run through the dashboard. I'm very disappointed that you took something away that many have come to rely on. You should bring it back.

  • Hello yes we are like you we are waiting for his return from elsewhere for a faster return, quickly sign this petition

    Also share this video wherever you can

    A very big development error has occurred here, removed for unfounded causes and incomprehensible complement

  • Hello,

    Apart from the fact that a lot of functionality has been removed what do you really think of this new version of Bitdefender 2021, I find that there are more bugs and that the user side is more difficult and different

    What are your opinions?

  • Bring Back The Security Widget

    Your reasoning for removal is lame. Your users want it back.

  • Hello,

    We can still change that, sign this petition and show Bitdefender that we are stronger than they have to listen to their customer.

  • Can we bring back the widget? It's an essential function of Bitdefender as we know it.

  • Oh..this answers the question I came here for after doing the latest update. Not a HUGE deal for me, but I did appreciate having the widget, so I vote yes to add it back. There was always a option to turn it on/off so that both opinions could be satisfied. Though maybe there is a good reason it was removed? Could anyone from Bitdefender comment?

    Appreciate the dark mode in the new version...thanks!

  • Is there an English version of the petition? I wish to vote yes to bring back the widget. Any chance we can start another one to get rid of the stupid "We've got your back" notification re: work profiles? Why would Bitdefender get rid of the widget, which was actually helpful & could be turned off if wanted, but keep the stupid annoying work profile notification that is totally useless & can't be turned off unless you disable Activate profiles automatically? Because they don't care about what their clients actually want I guess. Another couple of reasons to consider not renewing my subscription.

  • Yeah, tried to fill out the petition, but I have to say, bit rude leaving Australia off the phone list, so no $ from me, not like I'd pay to get something removed that I didn't want in the first place. I'd rather cancel my subscription & save some $ instead. Cheers.

  • Yep, bring back the widget and get rid of the annoying "we've got your back" work profile notification! Why get rid of something that was helpful, but keep something that is a PITA?

  • I don't understand you have Reussi to sign the petition? The text is in French and English

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