Why Does Vulnerability Scan Keep Asking to Update Java?

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However the Java downloads site https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase-jre8-downloads.html is stating that jre-8u271 is the latest version, and indeed the link that the "Download new version" button takes me too is the link to download the jre-8u271 installation.

jre-8u271 is version 8.0.2710.9.

Is there any way to remove this vulnerability warning?




  • rosssario
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    I stumbled across it too. Maybe the version 8.0.2710.25 is not yet for the european market ?

  • I've contacted the Bitdefender support through email

    and it seems this problem is on Bitdefender side and they are already working on a fix which release by mean an Automatic Update. not sure if there is anything we can do to stop it..

  • Having the exact same problem.

    Vulnerability scan completed. An update for Oracle JRE x64 was found.

    Installed version: 8.0.2710.9

    Latest version: 8.0.2710.25