Password Manager on iOS

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Does anyone know if Password Manager works on iOS? I've got it working on a desktop within Chrome using the extension. iOS Chrome doesn't have extensions. So no autofil. Can I get password manager passwords and usernames to autofill on my iPhone/iPad? If not, can I access my password manager wallet to copy and paste passwords on my iPhone/iPdad?


  • Hey Pretz

    Did you ever figure out an answer to questions? I kinda want to know myself.

  • Yeah, Bitfinder said 'thanks for the improvement suggestion'. Apparently, they don't have that working as of now. I guess I'll pickup a standalone password manager - I think they're better anyway.

  • Hello,

    Password Manager for iOS has been launched since the 12th of January. 

    The application started as available to all users directly.

    In Bitdefender Central it is still listed as "coming soon", but this banner will be updated shortly.


  • Any more information on this? I still cannot get it to autofill in browsers on IOS>