Bitdefender Total Security (Build: Issues


I have been using Bitdefender for 11 years. Overall, I am very pleased with the program. I am posting the issues highlighted below in the hope that senior developers will address them if they affect other users.

I have two PC's running Bitdefender Total Security. One is a Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10 and the other is a Dell PC running Windows 7 Ultimate. In both PC I have experienced the following problems, even after removing and re-installing Bitdefender:


A. I must click the pop-up drop down box twice to open it? Is this a common issue?

B. I can't we stop a web page reloading by using the 'X' option on a tab. Has it been removed?

C.Error: Repeated opening of the same URL in many tabs.

On occasion, opening a new tab (URL No.1) and then right-clicking to open a new link or opening bookmarks to choose a second URL (URL No. 2) leads to opening of URL No. 1 in Tab No. 2. This will happen repeatedly (e.g. opening URL No. 1 in Tab 3, Tab 4, Tab 5, etc.) unless one returns to Tab 1, then back to Tab 2 one or more times. Only then, will it open the correct URL for each tab. Is this a problem for other users?

D. Why is the virtual keyboard not re-sizeable?

On the Microsoft Surface, the keyboard is so large that it covers the entry boxes for user name and password. One must enter data without seeing it. Why not make the keyboard re-sizeable?


Why was the 'close' button removed from One Click Optimizer?


Why make the bookmarks into un-moveable, un-downloadable, un-copyable cubic icons that cannot be read easily?


1. Make bookmarks a LIST: Example: 1. Name 2. URL

2. Allow sorting of bookmarks alphabetically by name

3. Allow copying or downloading of bookmarks as a Text file or PDF (in case one has to re-install Bitdefender)



  • Hi...I would also like to see a resizable virtual keyboard in Safepay but in my case I would like to be able to enlarge it. If it was any smaller I wouldn't be able to read it at all. I tend to agree that the system for bookmarks could use some revamping also.

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