Bitdefender Box 2 down for a week now-Solved

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[EDIT] My mistake. My email was redirecting my support ticket to my promotions email box. I have found the tech support ticket-Thanks guys

I have contacted phone support, live chat, and email. Email was sent last Thursday. I haven't heard a thing.

I was having problems with my internet and as usual, I performed a full reboot by power cycling the modem and the box 2.

When I rebooted the box, it refused to show anything but the spinning ring. I tried several times. I couldn't connect to it via the central app either.

So I inserted a paper clip into the reboot hole on power up and held it in for several seconds till the ring was full (This is a factory reset)

Same result. I tried this several times and tried to access it several times from the central app. The default SSID refused to show up. (No local SSID showed up in fact) I just get a spinning ring no matter what.

I'm thinking the boot is corrupted, or the wifi is dead.

The box is 1.25 years old. Paying $200 for a new box when I have over 200 days on my subscription is not desirable. I need instructions to return for repair, or how to purchase a non-licensed box at a discount.


  • I have the same issue. How was the problem resolved?

  • I've had this same issue several times during power outages or if the kids trip the power supply. It is the only component on the network that seems to fail on powering up after a a power cut. Worse, I have my router on AP mode so without the BOX working I can't even use internal home networking components like printing or my security system.

    Has anyone figured out why these things have issues and need to be factory reset when power is cycled?