Exclusion Not Working


I Setup a exception for  disk D:



But, even with this exception my files have been deleted, why?





  • Hello Bruno.Botelho.Br

    Thanks for posting!

    I hope I can help you.

    Bitdefender has its own policy based exclusions. 

    You can configure scan exclusion rules. Exclusions can apply to on-access scanning, on-demand scanning or both. Based on the object of the exclusion, there are four types of exclusions:

    File exclusions: the specified file only is excluded from scanning.

    Folder exclusions: all files inside the specified folder and all of its subfolders are excluded from scanning.

    Extension exclusions: all files having the specified extension are excluded from scanning.

    Process exclusions: any object accessed by the excluded process is also excluded from scanning. You can also configure process exclusions for the Advanced Threat Control and Intrusion Detection System technologies.

    IMPORTANT! Scan exclusions are to be used in special circumstances or following Microsoft or Bitdefender recommendations. For an updated list of exclusions recommended by Microsoft, please refer to this article. If you have an EICAR test file that you use periodically to test antimalware protection, you should exclude it from on-access scanning.

    In the Policies > Antimalware > Exclusions page, use the Activate exclusions checkbox to turn scanning exclusions on or off.





  • Hello,


    Did you run a System Scan ?

  • same problem here.

    i'm using a cloud service called pcloud which is able to mount as a (virtual) drive - by default p:

    i've excluded drive p:\ like above, but every time i restart the computer bitdefender starts to scan drive p:

    It's not a good idea because it's a virtual drive and files are downloaded from the cloud on demand/access to a temporary cache





  • I'm having the exact same problem as Handyralf, with Total Security 2017. I cannot except the PCloud directory/virtual drive. Bitdefender begins the scan every time the PC is booted up and I have to cancel it. I've included the virtual drive locations, and the mapped local drive location for sync - but Bitdefender ignores the Exclusions in the list.

  • This link might help us /index.php?/topic/74614-exclusions-not-working/" rel="">https://forum.bitdefender.com/index.php?/topic/74614-exclusions-not-working/default_happy.png

    Basically from my understanding it looks like that the bitdefender has some issues regarding about cloud drives or virtual drives. lets wait for the fix then. 

  • edited July 2017

    I'm very unhappy about this bug.

    One of the faults seems to be that VSS is making a shadow copy of the entire drive without observing the exclusions, then it sees the files that were supposed to be excluded in the shadow copy and marks them as viruses or malware and blocks access.

     I am a engineer for a replication software company.  We use VSS with our windows version of our product.  When we invoke VSS we exclude the folders that should not be scanned for replication.  Bitdefender should do the same.

  • same here with pCloud drive. I think when my renewal period comes up I'll go back to Windows defender.

  • I was the same problem and couldn't find a solution. There are no answer from the bitdefender team either, so I write it down, how I solve it.

    First you should "ctrl+c" and then "ctrl+v" the file or folder what bitdefender probleme with, in the same place wehere it is. Then add the file or folder to the exclusion in bitdefender. If it is not solve the problem do it again, but before you add the file or folder to the exclusion you shold rename it.

    I hope it will be helpfull.

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