Settle a debate I'm having with my son over krnl.exe

My son plays Roblox a lot and has gotten into coding (cool) which he uses to cheat (not cool) against other players online. My problem is that without my permission he downloaded a "app modifier" call krnl.exe. Bitdefender caught it as a virus, but my son added an exception to allow it on my PC. Luckily I found it and was able to disinfect it and remove the exception. He is over-the-top adamant that krnl is NOT a virus and wants me to prove it to him. Can someone at Bitdefender help me out here?

On a side note. I don't let my son use my account (an admin account) any more. He can only use a standard user account.


  • If you still haven't gotten an answer from anybody, then i shall give you it. KRNL is NOT a virus, it is an application that allows the user to utilize scripts/ "hacks" from sites such as pastebin. Your computer does indeed say it is a virus, it does so for every app that is similar to what i just presented or to other downlodable hacks or executers. It will not harm your son's computer, because it is not an app that contains malware or viruses, so therefor it is safe to be downloaded and NOT a virus.

  • nope, its NOT a virus and its completely safe to download. i have that program in my pc right now and nothing has gone wrong.

    and its normal to say that the program is a virus. just like jjsploit, which is another exploit.