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Opera wallet



I'd like to know if a Wallet extension is expected soon enough for Opera browser



  • Keanu

    Hi Yes Bitdefender Team I would also like to know if compatibility will be coming out for OperaGX too

  • Flexx

    Kindly drop an email to bitdefender support at regarding your query .They will reply back asap.



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  • so when is the xtension for Opera ready ????

  • Hello. I just like to inform you that:

    1. I was using "Install Chrome Extensions" extension to install the Bitdefender Wallet on my Opera and it really worked well UNTIL... by some reason it stopped working in Opera (it still works on Chrome) and there are other extensions I've installed this way that are working on Opera so this is a case that only happens with Bitdefender Wallet.
    2. I contacted Tech Support and explained everything. Send screenshots, explained everything and they replied "Opera is not supported" ... that's it. What a Bad tech support given, maybe the guy wanted to leave early for holidays, don't know. It's like if they didn't even read what took me so long to write and explain to receive a proper reply but they didn't even care.
    3. I had to install Bitwarden and exported all the passwords from Bitdefender Wallet as CSV, changed the excel sheet and then imported them to Bitwarden and it works. It really really works great. no regrets.
    4. Bitdefender now launched a service for password managed that has a cost. But you and I were getting this service in Bitdefender wallet included on the Bitdefender antivirus subscription we are all paying. So, why making us quit and go to other providers as Bitwarden? Bad business decisions maybe?

    Migrating from Bitdefender Wallet to Bitwarden isn't hard. Spend some time looking for the required format from Bitwarden, adapt your csv in excel and then import it and it will work as well as it worked before.