How To Inlcude Nas And External Hdd Schedulued Scan


I have searched for instructions on how to include my network NAS and a USB external Hard drive connected to my laptop.

(ideally, I would like the scan to extend to another USB external HDD connected to my NAS... though if I can fix the above it may include this drive as well so I may first see what the responses are)

I started a system scan, and in the progress status bar at the top, it has a tick on "choose scan locations". But I didn't have the option to choose drives, it automatically went to the next step, perform scan.

I'm monitoring this scan as it goes to see what it does after it finishes the C drive.

I can see there is a custom option to create "New Custom Task" however it only allows to choose the laptops own drives, in my case C, D (CD rom) and E, the memory card reader slot.

but I cant see how I can specify the network location for the NAS.

I have just set up this NAS... and very soon, all 3 computers on our network will all be using the NAS for all document and data read and writes.

Eventually I may use the Synology NAS's internal client for some FTP / Torrent work ... so I hoped that and assumed (I know pretty poor planning to not have checked before buying the 3 PC license) that Bitdefender with it's top notch reputation would be able to include a network /NAS drives in its schedulued scans.

I did read somewhere that it may scan files as I access them on the NAS, I would feel more confident that the NAS location was just scanned as routinely as is the C drive of our laptops.


  • If you map the network drive in Windows Explorer (choose reconnect at logon to make the drive letter stick), does the drive letter show up in custom scan afterwards? You may need to restart the PC with this configuration in place for it to be recognised as a 'system' drive.

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    Existe t'il un anti-virus Bitdefender pour NAS Synology? , sinon est-ce que un antivirus Bitdefender Linux est adaptable a NAS Synology ?
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    À l'heure actuelle, bitdefender n'a pas de version Linux pour les particuliers. Il en avait un dans le passé.

    Si vous souhaitez utiliser la version linux, vous devrez passer à la ligne métier du produit bitdefender.

    Pour obtenir de l'aide, veuillez contacter le support de bitdefender à [email protected] avec votre requête. Ils vous répondront dès que possible.



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