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in current browsers (Firefox, Chrome, ...) the contents of web pages are mostly* deliverd via HTTP/1.1 (browser network analysis) instead of HTTP/2. As soon as I switch off the Bitdefender "online security system", the network analysis of the browsers shows HTTP/2 again. An internet  provider's staff told me that it is not their servers that are responsible, but possibly a protection tool. 

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*not every page




  • Hello,


    We are aware of this situation and we are working on a fix. At this moment we do not have an ETA for the solution.

  • Okay, many thanks for the information.

  • Hansoll
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    Can I get the schedule or any notice when we got the HTTP/2 support? It is TOO late than Kaspersky or even Avast. Avast even scans HTTP/3 QUIC traffic. Again, You're behind in competition in many aspects. 

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    We do not have an estimated time for the release of the fix yet. Please keep in mind that all reported bugs require investigation time. Since product updates are usually released once a month it may take at least 1 month until a fix is implemented in the product - this does not include the debugging period.

  • Hansoll
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    I received notice for a warning from Bitdefender staffer before getting an answer for the HTTP/2 support timeline, which is a very unpleasant attitude for their customer for the right demand. If you don't want to listen to a customer's voice, which says what you're not working timely manner. Why you operate the forum? Why should I get a warning and a penalty? I ask the retract and demand excuses. I don't agree with the reason you've given in the notice. 



    While I was writing this. I've read the answer from Roxanne, which says it is a bug. I understand what you are saying. But this is a forum. The forum moderation is must do after discussion. And This is the commercial forum, which is a forum for who bought the product from the operator. If I say what you don't like me again, eventually, you'll ban from a customer to posting anything? Do you ready for a refund? 


    All in all. I bought ten-seat products for three years, I've locked in almost two years for ahead. I'm distressed because I ask speedy improvement and the permanent penalty of the product forum before answer. Are you telling me to transfer out of another product instead of waiting for improvement and repairment? The switch isn't difficult; I said because I like your product, want to improve not to hamper. If I really had an intention to do humilliating, use another product that will suffice. Don't you think? 


    ADDITION 2: 

    For the time being, I won't visit this forum and uses it as a method of solving the problem. I can't trust the moderator who works first to warn their customer to mouth shut before give an answer or help, and until I don't have excuses, I won't activate auto-renewal the product.


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  • Hi,

    Unfortunately this is still an issue. Any updates or information on how to ensure http/2

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    Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. The support on the forum is limited.

    Kindly drop an email to bitdefender support at regarding your issue. Response may be delayed due to less staff and covid19. Rest be assured, they will reply back asap.

    If this helps, kindly mark answer as agree/ accepted



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  • 13 months later since support has been working on this and still no HTTP/2?

    HTTP/2 has been around for 5 years now and we're already moving on to HTTP/3. I too would also like to take advantages of newer technology that makes the online experience faster. Please let keep us posted since this is the first google result page regarding "bitdefender and http2 support"

  • Can we get this issue fixed?

    It slows down almost all the websites since nowadays pretty much h2 is standard.

  • Any update on this issue, please?

  • Any update on this issue, please?

  • It is unacceptable to leave an issue this important unresolved for this long.

    Two years ago, you said:

    "We are aware of this situation and we are working on a fix. At this moment we do not have an ETA for the solution."

    That must be some fix.