Windows Reinstall ... reactivation, How To?

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The other thread is closed and it didn't go into much detail.

I have bought a 3 PC license. One is already used in another PC. On my PC I have installed and registered Antivirus pro 2011 . But i need to reformat my disk.

How do i reuse my already activated license after the reinstall? Do i just type in the same license number i used the first time, when prompted during the install process?

Will that use up the one remaining license?



  • Hello alphacent,

    Thank you for posting. As a rule of thumb, we encourage our members to open new topics for each request. It is much easier to keep track.

    The purchased license key can be used on up to 3PCs simultaneously. You can reinstall the BitDefender software as many times as necessary. The install kit can be downloaded at any time online from here

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please let me know :)

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