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Ipad Help


Hi, today I purchased the bitdefender total security multi-device and installed it on my laptop with no problems but unfortunately I can't install it on my apple ipad. I would really appreciate any help you can offer as I have spent hours trying to work out where I am going wrong. Thanks


  • Sorin G.


    The Bitdefender Total Security Multi-Device does not support iPads or iPhones due to their operating system. Apples imposed restrictions make it impossible for anti-virus systems to properly protect the device.

  • Thanks so much Sorin for letting me know. It's very unfair of Apple and everything is in their favour. Anyway thanks again for replying

  • Dublin

    How can I instal a VPN on my iPad

  • surely that cant be true .the whole reason i purchased it was😥😥😥 for my ipad

  • I changed my password and tried again and it worked ????