Renewal activating early?

I bought a subscription renewal, as there is a sale on. However, my new sub states it activates today, rather than when my current sub ends?


  • I am curious about this as I suspect that if I renew my annual subscrition early - I lose the remainder of days in my current term.

  • Hello,

    @TomMcc78 in regards to your subscription renewal, you got in contact with the Support team at that time and helped you.

    @j3d11 , I've talked with my colleagues in regards to the annual subscription. For this "early buy", it is important to acknowledge that the subscription becomes active from the moment you actually purchase it (not when you activate it). In your case, it was a matter of 5 days offset and we adjusted that, so now you have the full period for which you have paid.



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  • I to have just bought a subscription early in the sale, as i the past i alway though it taged on to the end of the existing one 3 months left on that, if that is not the case can i cancel the new one?

  • So just for clarity, my Total Security subscription ends on July 15 2022. I've turned auto renewal off as I don't want to be charged the full price. If I were to purchase a new subscription today, $47.99, does that mean I would only have protection till this time next year, or would my subscription end in July 2023?

    The reason I'm asking is because I turned off auto renewal with NordVPN, (which would have been due for renewal in March 2022), and a couple of weeks ago I purchased another 2 years subscription as it was 72% off and Shopback were offering 95% cash back so in effect I've paid $19 for 2 years of Nord. When I checked my account it shows the subscription ending in March 2024 so it obviously added 2 years to my current subscription due to the account details being the same. I really need to know if this would happen with Bitdefender or would I only have a year from now regardless of the account details being identical.



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    Hello C_Bennett

    In the event you wish to renew your protection early, after placing the order you will receive an activation code per e-mail. When redeeming the code in your Central account, please select the option to extend your current license. This will update the expiration date to 2023 and no validity will be lost from the previous license, as it will be cumulated.

    It is important to note that the new license must protect the same variation of devices as the existing one, otherwise you will not be given the option to extend and the activation will be made in parallel.

    Craig, let me know how it goes.

    Stay safe.