Android Auto do not work


I have Premium VPN on my mobile phone (Android S22), or had .. i had to uninstall it realizing my car did not connect with my phone.

My car uses the phones GPS navigation (among many other apps, Spotify, SMS, phone contacts etc.) through Android Auto, which usually connects automatically. After installing the VPN it simply refuses to connect.

Android Auto is vital to me, so is not an option to just leave it off.

Android Auto is not an "app" that i can exclude with split tunneling and chose from the app bypass list, since it is part of the Android system, i can not chose it as an app.

I have Local Network on, but the cars network is not "local".

Anyone have experience with this? I hope there is a chance to get around this, I would like to have VPN on my mobile, but is not an option under these circumstances.


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    Hello @cwe and welcome to the Community!

    That's an interesting point. Let us look upon it and see what can be the outcomes.

    Can you specify where is your VPN connecting?


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  • cwe

    Thank you.

    In Denmark. Could try if it makes a difference to connect elsewhere, but can not imagine so. I think it is the encryption it can not handle.