repeated issues with central sign-in reprompt/redirect

i've been dealing with this repeatedly happening for years. every time i try to sign in to central it redirects me back to the log-in page(note: i am on google chrome and i have tried on microsoft edge, along with my gaming computer and other devices).

yesterday my subscription expired and i went to purchase a new activation at a cheaper price. i purchased it but i couldn't sign into central to activate. i contacted customer support chat, they said it should be imputed & activated now...well now it has gotten to be a worse problem. not only can i not sign into central now the desktop app says "unable even connect to server"....this hasn't happed since i factory restarted my computer to fix changes i did to the core files on my computer....i haven't touched the settings and everything was fine until my subscription expired....

every 5 to 10 months, i have to deal with the central issue repeatedly happening and once it's fixed it only says fixed for 30min-1hour then back to the same issue....idk why this keeps happening but it does. i have gamer friends that use bit defender but have no issues.

so, idk if it is due to some coding issue with my account or if whatever server drive my account is tied to is glitched/corrupted...i love Bitdefender as a program when it works, but i am tired of this being a constant repeated issue