Is it right that BMS on iOS doesn't show a blocking page?

Bitdefender Mobile Security on iOS does show a notification when it has blocked a dangerous page. But the problem I experience is that the notification doesn't show directly on the screen. It only shows up when I let the Notification Center appear. Besides that, it also doesn't show a blocking page (pop-up). After I click on the silent notification, just to call it so, it shows sort of a blocking page with some minor information.

There is nothing weird in my settings. However other notifications show directly on top of my screen (when using it). I am the only one experiencing this? And shouldn't be a blocking page showing up when accessing a malicious or frauduleus link?

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  • Alexandru_BD
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    Hello @Giryoku,

    I would like to thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. It means a great deal to us, because looking at the above information, I think we might have a bug on our hands. I got in touch with our engineers and provided them with your feedback, to investigate further.


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  • Giryoku
    Giryoku ✭✭✭

    @Alexandru_BD I solved it. It seems that iCloud Private Relay does prevent the blocking page from showing up.

    Besides that, maybe a small improvement for the blocking page. Just a minor detail. It doesn't look very modern. I know that it isn't so important. You can better have great security than a modern design. But it makes the experience better.

    (Ps. can't add a photo, because I am a new member)

  • Giryoku
    Giryoku ✭✭✭

    Update: The problem is that iCloud Private Relays overrules Bitdefender Web Protection. A silent notification will be created, which you can only see when opening Notification Center. But a blocking page will not be displayed. So this leaves you vulnerable?