WIndows 10 Update

My windows initialization was being interrupted by unknown behaviour, in Windows Update my initialization has been locked, how to proceed without re-install!? Are this some kind of malware? BCD are seem as ok, but Installation resolved to be lock on file system UEFI


  • Flexx
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    Instaed of reinstalling the windows from scratch you can repair your windows. Your data will not be affected.

    Kindly follow the procedure in below stated link: (the steps will work on windows 11 also)


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  • Torquato Borges
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    Too late, data has been lost, this are insuficient information and are lock and not on-line remediation! All those automatic repairs are not functional as customization pretends! The initialization problem are much more advanced than that! I have not lost only re-installation on partition but all data and everything on insurbonization! My lucky is that is not priority on data than backup, but BitDefender are permiting just like protecting common as unpriorized!