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[Firewall] Alert Mode Notifications Don't Show Full Path

When receiving a notification about an application attempting to send or receive network traffic, if the path to the file is too long, that path is shortened to fit within the notification window. There is no way to see the full path without blocking (or less securely allowing) the application, and then viewing the logs in the Bitdefender Notifications tab.

This significantly increases the number of clicks required to evaluate each connection attempt. Is there a better way to see the full path that I'm not aware of?


  • I have just shelled out the money for Bitdefenders product and am also VERY dispointed to see such basic functions not working. It's either "let the program decide" or as Taggg said, you can basically only block it and then seperately open Bitdefender, go to the firewall and have to manually search for a file that MIGHT be the right one.

    Not being able to see the full filename and path is a serious oversight and doesnt make me trust in Bitdefenders abilities to get more complicated things done right.

    (on a sidenote: the german translation of the program is also very bad!)

  • I agree. The popup is redundant because 99.999% of the filenames' paths are longer than the width of the entire window, so you only see something like "C:\wind\... ...tment.exe" which is as good as nothing.

    BD Total Security looks good so far, but having come from NAV, NOD, MCAF, etc as my first time, they ALL had full path name popups I don't get it why BD doesn't. My guess is that they have to fit in the font style and large text within the design of the popup box or something.

    PLEASE update this in future patches so BD becomes PERFECT - thanks!!!