Any Thoughts On Bitdefender And Zemana AntiMalware Compatibility?

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BD is not compatible with any antivirus.

But what is if you disable the realtime protection in the antivirus (and also the web protection)?

For example in Zemana antimalware premium demo fr (which has the possibility to disable realtime protection)? I ask it bc the zemana antimalware free (wo real protection: only on-demand) is not available anymore on

I'm trying different on-demand scanner bc I think I have a trojan and BD does not find it.

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  • Gjoksi
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    To add here, also Bitdefender and Malwarebytes work fine together.


  • Hi Flexx,

    I think it's a good idea to delete all temp files because the (supposed) trojan I downloaded expanded/extracted in %temp%.

    I have already scanned with the virusscanners you proposed. They didn't found anything.

    If I reset my browsers: do I keep my favourites and add-ons/extension?

    Infact I don't known for sure I have a trojan. Some days after I download and expanded (it was a portable) the program I download the file again and uploaded it to and the result was it found a trojan by 4 engines.

  • Hi Gjoksi,

    When you install BD it does not continue and says you have incompatible software (Malwarebytes) even if it's Malwarebytes free and older then 14 days so it's only on-demand.

  • Flexx
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    Can you share that virustotal link here. Infact, if the virus scanner that were proposed were unable to find anything then your PC is secured. Additionally, you can export your bookmarks to html files but you will have to reinstall the extensions again.

    You should install malwarebytes after installing bitdefender and it will work fine.


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  • The scan result of the download program/file in virustotal is:

    I have also scanned with EmisoftEmergencyKit,F-secure-online,Hitmanpro portable,Malwarebytes free,McafeeStinger and RogueKiller: no trojan found.

  • As test I have installed a windows 10 evaluation edition in vmware, downloaded the file and expanded/setup it (in %temp%). Then I have installed kaspersky antivirus trail and done a full scan but it found nothing.

    I choose kaspersky because kaspersky engine detected the trojan in virustotal.

    I also did a selected scan of the temp dir but again nothing.

  • RedsFan
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    Zemana is useless , it hasnt been updated for over a year and it also contains BD engine ....

    Second opinion scanners : Norton power eraser, Kaspersky virus removaltool, Malwarebytes free, Emsisoft emergency kit, Sophos scan & clean.

  • Flexx
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    1) Hitman pro uses engine of sophos, kaspersky and bitdefender.

    2) F-secure uses inbuilt engine with that of avira.

    3) Emsisoft uses in built engine with that of bitdefender.

    Hash of the file from virustotal link has been shared with malware researchers for analysis.

    Also the latest virustotal result shows detection to be removed by kaspersky.


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