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Anti-Theft - stolen recovered laptop


I used Anti-Theft to erase the contents of a laptop. Worked well.

However I have now managed to recover it, but obviously there is nothing on it, so trying to re-install Windows using the recovery key from Microsoft, it will not load.

It's a year old Laptop, and I'm running into what looks like a Master Boot Record, GPT issue.

Does anyone know if there is a way to reset the hard drive so that I can reload windows?


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  • Exodus61
    Answer ✓

    Thanks Scott.

    Now resolved, turns out that when Bitdefender wipes the hard drive that drive becomes invisible to the laptop. I'm not entirely sure how.

    Solution is to get into Command (Powershell?) and use Disk commands to reset it. Then, as it is a relatively new Laptop, I had to chage it from a MBR to GPT harddive - also in the Command shell.

    Once both were done I could re-install windows.

    It was more technical than I've described but it now works.