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So in my bitdefender folder i notice i have bitdefender security and bitdefender security app


Is having these normal? and why theres 5 bdservice host in my task manager?

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  • Alexandru_BD
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    After the latest v27 build, there are basically three separate installations: Bitdefender Security, the core that includes services and system processes; Bitdefender Security App - the seccenter, bdagent (application, user mode) and under Bitdefender Security App there is Safepay, which is currently part of the app, but later it will also arrive separately.

    In regards to the duplicate icons, are these for bdagent.exe, or BDUserHost.exe?

    If multiple users are logged in, bdagent may be shown in several copies, one per user. If it's BDUserHost.exe, these are user processes that usually send notifications, data, etc. about what happens in the context of a user - vulnerability, camera, etc. and these can be, in theory, multiple.

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