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Microsoft ATP preventing install on Server 2019

edited October 2022 in Enterprise Security

We are having a problem with installing BD on server 2019 host in Azure. We are rolling out new servers that are Server 2019 Gen 1 and Gen 2 update hosted in Azure for our clients. We download our policy from our gravity zone and can install BD without issue if its every first thing we do. But it doesn't always work out like that due to time constraints or people forgetting to install BD before first reboot.

If we do even reboot once, we receive an error that says "Preparing Environment... In order for the Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools to work properly and avoid performance issues, the following applications will be uninstalled. - Microsoft Defender ATP" If I click continue it fails to install. Now we have been installing BD on our hosted 2019 servers whenever/wherever without problems. It seems like it's just Azure that's giving us problems.

Has anyone run across this or know a fix?

Much Thanks!