Loading existing accounts in Password Manager


I have recently purchased Password Manager and cannot work out how to load my existing accounts, which are all hand written. I have found the Bitdefender import / export data support but that doesn't apply to me.


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    Hi @Nick J

    Unless you can import them in from your previous password manager, you may need to enter those in manually. And I know you said you found this article, but just in case:

    Bitdefender can seamlessly transfer data only from the applications mentioned below in CSV, JSON, XML, TXT, 1pif, and FSK format. Here’s the full list, in alphabetical order:

    1Password, Bitwarden, Bitdefender Password Manager, Bitdefender Wallet, Bitwarden, ByePass, Chrome browser, Claro, Dashlane, Edge browser, ESET Password Manager v2, ESET Password Manager v3, F-Secure, Firefox browser, Gestor de contraseñas – Claro, Gestor de contraseñas – SIT, Gestor de contraseñas – Telnor, KeePass 2.x, LastPass, Panda Dome Passwords, PassWatch, Roboform, Saferpass, SFR Cybersécurité, SIT, StickyPassword, Telnor, Watchguard.

    It may be easier to manually enter them in, than trying to fill out an Excel spreadsheet and format it into CSV file as per this Article:

    This article will guide you stepwise to prepare a CSV file in a format compatible with Bitdefender Password Manager, so you can easily import your data from unsupported password management applications. If you currently keep your passwords in a text file or spreadsheet, this method will also work.

    My thought is if you are going through all that above work, and something isn't right and you end up having to manually enter the information into PM, then you'll end up in doing it twice. Maybe someone else here will prove me wrong and say, "this worked seamlessly and easily for me", you could wait and see.

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    All Bitdefender Home Product User Guides: https://www.bitdefender.com/consumer/support/user-guides/

  • Thanks Scott. I'll take the manual path.