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Why does "Exclusions" do nothing and why are customers not being answered?


I've gotten fed up yet again. I came back to using BitDefender after the last time I had this exact problem, and nothing seems to have changed.

Not only does setting files and folders within the "Exclusions" list not do a thing, neither does turning off protection so I can try to at least, RE-install the program that was quarantined AND deleted with no warning, and using it.

All these settings DO NOTHING.. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. And I've searched through the topics only to find one person's same issue after the other with NO response and NO solutions. Except ONE, which said this was being worked on eons ago. Obviously nothing's been done and I'm about to permanently delete BitDefender for good.




It's great and all that it's good at keeping viruses off my machine. That's why I bought it. But I didn't buy it to wipe out important files while giving the user absolutely NO CONTROL over what it does on my machine. This is causing me a lot of problems and and effecting my personal assets. It's the only matter which will get my bad side, and I know there's a lot of people who feel exactly the same.

You need to HELP YOUR CUSTOMERS and FIX YOUR SOFTWARE or lose them all.


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @jleid and welcome to the Community!

    I regret the inconvenience you have encountered.

    I know for a fact that Bitdefender and mining or crypto-related apps don't get along nicely.

    In the event a solution is not found in the Community, usually more information is required for troubleshooting, such as logs coming from the product and in some cases, remote intervention must be carried. This will help the engineers obtain a better understanding of the context and the circumstances involved. Such specific operations cannot be carried in the public forum, thus it is recommended to contact the Bitdefender Support Teams, for a detailed investigation.

    You can get in touch with our engineers by choosing one of the contact methods available here:

    To connect to a Technical representative, scroll down to the bottom of the Support Page and choose between the two live channels, chat or phone, or fill in the contact form which will create a ticket for the engineers and this will also provide you with a reference number. The usual response timeframe for an open case varies between 24 to 48 hours, depending on the workload and business hours.

    Kindly let us know how it goes and if the situation was resolved in a positive manner.

    Stay safe.

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • lechiffre
    lechiffre ✭✭✭

    jleid I feel your pain man.

    For me bitdefender just ignores/changes back any setting I make. Here's a section from an email I just send back to support. I've had enough, I'm out. I just uninstalled Bitdefender and I'm only a few months into a 3 year sub :( more fool me for paying for this crap.

    "Just a single example I have the profiles settings set to manual ( not auto ) and game profile. Whenever I go back into Bitdefender has changed back to work profile all on it’s own. In work profile delay background tasks is disabled. I can’t enable it because the ****** program won’t fukking let me. So I change to game profile which already has delay background tasks enabled. Yet Bitdefender keep switching it back to work profile. AGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!

     The product does not let the user have control. When the user changes a setting Bitdefender changes the setting back. When Bitdefender wants to run a background scan it does not inform the user or let the user have any input. Bitdefender basically ignores user input. The only user input Bitdefender wants is my credit card."

  • jleid

    Alexandru_BD, Hi.

    I appreciate your response and that you are making an effort to get me some help, but here's the thing...

    I did all of that months ago. I got with tech support, and if I remember correctly, they had me run some log-gathering program to get the specs and info from my machine with whatever else they needed. I don't think I even went to these forums, obviously, because I just created my forum account, for my main BD account that I started when I bought it. I just went straight to support. I did everything I could with them. And knowing that there wasn't going to be any solution that day, I had to change anti-virus software so I could keep using my computer and get my crypto wallet working again. I wasn't given any kind of time frame for how or when this matter would be fixed. I was basically left on an indefinite "waiting to hear back" resolve. As far as I know, I never got any notification that anything had been resolved.

    When I said "I came back", I was referring to being back after months of basically carrying on with life and after paying for another anti-virus provider, which had it's own set of problems among a mass of people.. albeit, one of a completely different issue, making the internet slow as hell. But it didn't stop me from working and it didn't destroy my files. So I dealt with it until it just got annoying enough that I decided I should come back to BitDefender which I'd already paid a year for and was a waste if I wasn't using it. I had to assume the issue was dealt with, and for the first day or so I thought, maybe it was. Then I had to do an update on my wallet and... bam, the whole thing happened again just as before.

    Like lechiffre expressed, above, it's super frustrating. It's REALLY in a league of its own to watch your trusted protection program, which you recently invested your money into, start ripping out and dismantling personally valuable or integral files as you're powerlessly trying to keep them from being destroyed. And THAT'S the real issue here. This isn't to do with just my crypto wallet. There are tons of people bringing up the same issue for different files and programs. Even the automatic quarantining and file deletion wouldn't be that big of a deal if it wasn't for the fact that there's absolutely NOTHING the user can do about it.

    I'll state it again.. the "Exceptions" list does NOTHING. Trying to restore anything is completely futile. BitDefender can reach into ProgramFiles and delete things but if and when I tell it to release or restore the files, it tells me it doesn't have permission.

    IT doesn't have permission? ...or I don't have permission?

    BitDefender obviously has permission to do whatever it wants, but I can't restore or tell it to do anything I want or keep it from harming my files. And then, BD gives the user the option to exclude files from the threat list but then just ignores it? I read somewhere someone saying, it's like being told the customer is too stupid to have control over their machine. And I mean it ignores EVERYTHING. It won't even stop doing it if I turn off and deactivate EVERY SINGLE SERVICE running! There's no way to shut BD down or get a break from it. The only solution is to uninstall it if I ever hope to restore or reinstall my stuff.

    Anyway, I'm no longer looking for support for this. I mean, by all means.. let me know if anything ever changes but It is clear to me that this issue is not being addressed as there has been no change and there are only questions regarding this from so many people. And here you even have another person, lechiffre, saying the same thing in one day of this post. His issue isn't with a crypto wallet. There seems to be an issue with BitDefender's programing, where it is not being updated to know the difference between some types of harmless files and those that are a threat... at least the ones reported by the user. But if that's a difficult subject to address, then maybe it would be a good idea to fix the biggest problem which is BD not allowing the user to have any control over what BD does when it's made an error.

    I've got to say though, there seems to be a trend here. Make the most solid anti-viral software possible by making it impossible to tamper with... even if that means the customer along with everything else. You know, there's another name for programs that take over your machine and destroys files without warning while blocking the user from having control over it...

    I've already switched to something else, so thanks, but if support wants to do anything about it, I'm pretty sure they can find all the info they need right here. I just hope something IS done so that other people aren't forced to do the same which makes their purchase of your product become a waste of money for them. I can't keep a program on my machine that acts as bad as the programs it's "Defending" me from. BUT, at least I can delete it. :)

    Have a nice day, and remember:

    “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”

    ― Friedrich W. Nietzsche

  • Alexandru_BD


    @lechiffre the engineers will get in touch with you to schedule a remote session.

    @jleid I am very sorry for the inconvenience you have encountered and I am doing my best to help you. The Support Team is aware of your requests and will provide further assistance.

    Going forward, my recommendation would be to get in touch with the engineers and request a remote session.

    Stay safe.

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • User345
    edited March 2022

    Hi @jleid,

    I've just moved from Kaspersky (for obvious reasons) to Bitdefender and I've immediately run into issues with the “Exclusions”. I’m a software developer and I need to be able to manipulate system files programmatically but I am unable to because of the lack of control I have over Bitdefender. I can’t even temporarily turn it off completely or, at least, I have not found the option yet. I suspect there isn’t one. I feel your pain with the lack of control over this AV product.

    Can I ask what AV product you have moved to? I don’t think Bitdefender is going to work for me!

  • Ottoman

    BitDefender support is absolute crap. I had to throw a temper tantrum to get someone to respond to get on a screen share, and after a while of waiting I just gave up.

    Then when I emailed in to cancel my renewal, I got some information about cost, and something else completely UNRELATED to my issue. It seems like this company cannot do anything, as it has problems communicating to its customers. And that means it must have problems communicating internally. Which is why nothing gets fixed based on customer request.

  • poulsbo

    It's now June 13, and these same issues are happening to me too. When I attempt to "Restore" an incorrectly flagged file, it gives me the message "the System does not have permission to this folder". When I look the folder has been deleted. Further, when I attempt to pick another folder, the dialog only allows me access to my profiles folder (and subfolders) on my system drive. I cannot pick any drive (E: for instance). Then when I used Explorer to recreate the folder, BD still would not allow the file to be restored. I had a few other problems before finally giving up and uninstalling BD, but now I find that it has deleted everything in the QUARANTINE folder WITHOUT ASKING!!! ARRRGG!!! I wanted some of that stuff. Can't believe your product does such inexcusable things!!

  • February 2024 Update: It appears this issue persists. The challenge I'm encountering involves pulling and compiling code from GitHub, which seems like a foreseeable hurdle for engineers. Surprisingly, this problem has persisted for a decade. Implementing a simple solution, such as a pop-up alert saying, "Hey, I found a file that could cause problems with 'example.file'. What would you like to do?" could significantly mitigate this issue.

    This might come off as a rant, but my intention is genuinely to offer assistance. I'm motivated by the desire to not render my investment in the app futile by simply deleting it over an issue that seems fixable with minimal effort.

    To that end, I'm willing to contribute by creating the pop-up alert and the necessary functionality it suggests. I only require access to the specific part of the code that needs this feature. Alternatively, I can provide a generic menu code that accomplishes this task. If there's any difficulty in integrating this solution, feel free to contact me for support. I'm offering this help without seeking anything in return, aiming to save both my investment and potentially others' as well.

    I'm presenting a viable solution to address this long-standing issue. The ball is now in your court.

  • This seems to be a long standing issue that doesn't seem to be ever corrected. I really wanted to like this product, but when I can't even tinker with my own hardware because my OWN PowerShell scripts get flagged. I have added exclusion on top of exclusion only for them to get ignored, my scripts get quarantined, and the routine my scripts should be running getting cut and causing me to manually finish out steps. This is ridiculous. What's the point of having an exclusion list if it's only going to be ignored?

    Yeah, I'm done with this.

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] ✭✭✭✭✭

    @arkamthebard ,

    Welcome to the Bitdefender Forums. I would recommend that you contact Bitdefender Consumer Support if you want to try and find a solution, but that is your choice.

    You took the trouble to post, so I am hoping that you are indeed looking for a solution.

    Have a great day.



  • Flexx

    Life happens, Coffee helps!

    Show your Attitude, when you reach that Altitude!

    Bitdefender Ultimate Security Plus (user)

  • camarie
    camarie Principal Software Developer BD Staff

    I am not aware of this issue. Can someone resume me in simple terms what is not working (or what is not working as expected)? because there are multiple various comments/opinions and I cannot quite extract the exact info.

  • lechiffre
    lechiffre ✭✭✭


    Perhaps this will jog your memory from over a year ago.

    It looks like Bitdefender completly ignores user exclusions just as much now as it did over a year ago.

    At this point it seems like you guys have no intention of ever changing this.

  • camarie
    camarie Principal Software Developer BD Staff
    edited March 11

    I did not read it until today. Well, now that I read, I will forward it to the team to ask for more details, and ask for a reason.

    Edit: mail sent. Will get back with updates.