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Activation of other devices

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I have installed Bitdefender on another mobile device, sending the install link from my central account. When the other device installs Bitdefender it still says only trial version. And I have 10 devices that can be used. The other user created their own account when signing in. How or where can I activate this user? Without giving them my central account login details? Surely using the link should activate the device?


  • Gjoksi
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    You didn't say which subscription do you have: Bitdefender Total Security, Bitdefender Internet Security ...?

    Next, you can't share your account with your family memeber(s) and/or friend(s).

    The rule is: One Subscription - One Bitdefender Central account - One user.

    BUT, his/her/their device(s) can be connected to your account, i mean to your subscription and to your Bitdefender Central account.

    Just like in my case, my brother's laptop and tablet (who by the way lives in Germany) and my father's Android phone (who also lives in North Macedonia, just like me) are all 3 devices connected to my account (Bitdefender Total Security for 10 devices subscription). If somehow my father creates his own Bitdefender Central account and connects his Android device to his account, then he will have the trial version of Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android, because he doesn't have an active subscription in his Bitdefender Central account.

    Also, you must inform your family memeber(s) and/or friend(s) that from your Bitdefender Central account you will have (full) access to the Bitdefender app(s) installed on his/her/their device(s), like doing a malware scan, anti-theft, update etc.

    Conclusion: ALL 10 (ten) devices must be connected to one, and only one Bitdefender Central account, that is your Central account. And you must give him/her/them your Bitdefender Central account login details, so he/she/they can activate the subscription on his/her/their device(s).


  • Rvdh

    Thank you

  • RinaBester

    Please Help!

    Why can I not activate Bitdefender on 2nd laptop?

  • [Deleted User]
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    @RinaBester ,

    Welcome to the Bitdefender Forums. Did you follow the advice in this pinned topic at the top of this Forum page?

    You can also contact Bitdefender Support for assistance if that does not work.

    Chat is the fastest way to reach them. Telephone support is not toll-free. You also have an email option.

    I hope this helps. Have a great day.



  • Alexandru_BD


    I think there can be multiple reasons for that, so we just need to find out more details from you, in order to provide you with an accurate response.

    1. Another security solution might be installed on that device. In this case, you will receive a notification explaining the next steps
    2. The device may not be connected to the internet
    3. Bitdefender (or remnants of a previous installation) could still be present on that device
    4. Bitdefender may be already installed, but not synchronized with the Central account where the subscription is active
    5. You are entering an activation code that was already used and this is unnecessary for subsequent installations, in the event your license/subscription can protect multiple devices
    6. The device limit has been reached, or the device OS is not supported by your current product

    There can be other reasons too, so kindly let us know what has been done so far, what subscription do you have, on what OS you are trying to activate/install, what error messages are displayed, if any, and other relevant details that could help us help you.



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