Show which protected path is being accessed on Safe Files prompts.

SaurikSI ✭✭✭

I want to propose adding a logical detail when Safe Files is triggered, right now a prompt looks like this:

This only shows what app is trying to access a protected path, but omits a crucial information: which path is being accessed. This is very important when deciding whether to authorize the access or not, because that choice not only depends on the app, but also on the path, there are some apps that I would authorize to access, for example, the Music folder, but not the Documents folder, and viceversa with other apps.

Implementing this could be simple, and as obvious as it sounds, this would be very helpful to the end user, I had several real situations in which this lack of detail was problematic, and part of an antivirus' task is to inform the user to make correct decisions.

Thanks for allowing suggestions, and I hope this can be implemented.


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