List Of Spammers/friends

Win2000 SP4, Bitdefender Internet Security 2008

Dear friends,

I encounter the following annoying phenomenon:

Regularly recurring the list of spammers and the list of friends are empty without any action by me. This occurs not after every booting, but after every fifth time or so. Is there any setting in Bitdefender or somewhere else to avoid this strange behaviour.

Thank you for every kind assistance, Heinrich.


  • Niels
    edited February 2009

    Dear hen26ry,

    Did you accidentally checked the option when load, empty current list?

    You can always back-up the spammers and friend list. So you can load them again.

    To do that :

    Open BitDefender by right clicking on the red BitDefender icon near the system tray and click on open advanced settings. Go to antispam,high light the status tab press on manage friends + manage spammers press on save. It will be save as .bwl files that you can load afterwards.

    Kind regards,


  • Dear Niels,

    Thank you for answering to my inquiry.

    No, the option 'when load, empty current list' is not activated.

    The backup and reload of the spammers' and friends' lists are well known. Thank you for the hint.

    It seems strange that the emptying of the lists doesn't occur with every system startup, but only each 5th to 10th time. Suddenly the lists are empty! Could it be that this has something to do with some setting in the Bitdefender firewall?

    Cheerio, Heinrich.

  • In order to better troubleshoot this situation I will open up a ticket ID in the support database and send you an e-mail containing some steps that you will need to perform on the machine.

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