Cant Sign On As Administrator On Windows 7 With Ts 2011

After I installed BD TS 2011 on my windows 7 system I found that I could not install some of the Windows updates. I am told I don't have the correct permissions. I only have one account and that is Admin. When I look at user controls all but the ones that allow changing the password have a security shield at the beginning of the line and I cannot access those functions. I tried to run the supporttool.exe using right click and run as administrator get a message that I don't have the correct permissions. Did the install of 2011 change anything that will not allow me to sign on as administrator?


  • I may have the same problem on Vista Home Premium SP2 32-bit and Internet Security 2011. Didn't know what was causing it at first, for the past few hours have been assuming it was caused by the .NET security updates released a few days ago, but there was also a BD program update I installed around the same time so either of them could be it and now I'm starting to lean towards BD.

    The issue is quite simply that I can't run anything as an administrator anymore, it tells me it can't access the device, path or file and that I may not have the necessary permissions. (Also, BD is warning me that there are multiple issues with my computer's security if I hover over the taskbar icon, but if I open it it says there are no issues. Actually sent that screenshot yesterday, asking what's up with it, but nothing so far.)

    This is really annoying, pretty much locked out of my own computer, since I can only use it as a limited user (save in safe mode, where I can run things that would normally require admin privs without problems)...

  • Hi,

    What is the level of the User Account Control in Windows Control Panel ? Is the Vulnerability module enabled ? What options under this module are enabled ?

    Please provide me with a screenshot of the error you receive when trying to install anything.

    @Robert: There is something I don't quite follow. You mention in your email that you've made an upgrade. From to ? What option are you referring to ? Have you tried to reinstall BitDefender to see if the issue persist ?

  • From IS 2010 to IS 2011 (after that faulty update I see a notice about on the site froze my computer, so had to uninstall it in safe mode to be able to boot normally again, so took the opportunity to upgrade). And the error is this (attached - @razz: assume you mean the same thing?), though I assume that part of the message wasn't for me. And still from the other part of the message, yes Vulnerability Scan is enabled, with everything except weak password ticked. It's not tracked though, because it'd always display a warning if it were since I can't make it not check whether (Windows) automatic update is on. Would be nice if I could do that... Or I could just disable it, not doing much anyway... Which I just did, but it didn't solve the problem.

    And no, didn't try uninstalling it yet, was hoping there'd just be an update to fix it these days. Was planning a "computer maintenance" day next week, so will do then if no solution will present itself I guess :unsure:

    Either way, this would make it two BD issues in a row. NOT nice!


  • Ok, this is weird. Thought to test without uninstalling first and went to safe mode, opened regedit, worked, loaded bdagent.exe, seemed to load fine, tried starting MBAM (free version, no active protection, so doesn't step on BD's toes, just installed it when I actually got a virus once to have another confirmation that it was cleaned) and got a runtime error. Then opened regedit again, expecting it to also fail, only it didn't. But BD did. The moment regedit opened, the BD icon greyed out.

    So then I rebooted normally again and apparently now I can once again run stuff elevated. Really no clue what just happened here. So just rebooting didn't do anything, as I did that plenty of times, booting in safe mode and then normally again also didn't, as I tried that before, but booting in safe mode, loading BD there, having it fail after starting an elevated program with it running, then booting normally again fixed it. Any explanations? (@razz: If you're still reading this, could you try something similar and see what happens?)

    It still says there are multiple issues if I hover over the icon though.

    On the other hand, MBAM gave that same runtime error when I tried starting it even after everything else worked. And it ran just fine just before installing IS 2011, since I tried in between (to rule out a possible infection as the cause of that BD 2010 update mess). But I reinstalled it, got the same errors during the install process, but now it seems to work fine again, after the reinstall was completed.

    I have this nasty feeling that BD 2011 tries to hook where it shouldn't?

  • Hello,

    I have the same issue. It happens under Win 7 32Bit.

    Vulnerability scan is disabled and the UAC is in default-modus

    It´s a strange issue becaus you are locked out from you own pc.

    Hope that you will solve this issue fast as possible.



  • Hello,

    Cavalary: I believe that you encounter this issue because the upgrade from 2010 to 2011 was not correctly made and you still have some files left from the older version stored in your PC.

    I would recommend:

    - run BitDefender Uninstall tool =>

    - restart the PC

    - use CCleaner to check for any left entries in Windows Registry

    - restart the PC again

    - download BitDefender WITHOUT running the installation kit file

    - right click on the file you just downloaded and select Run as Administrator

    MBAM is used by Malwarebytes's Anti-malware to perform an action on reboot however this is not possible with BitDefender installed as it will not allow the action to be performed and a crash may occur for either BitDefender or MalwareBytes or even both.

    Let me know if the issue still persist.

    Oliver: What Bitdefender product are you using ? Have you used a previous version of BitDefender ? Try to provide me with more details please.

  • Hello,

    Oliver: What Bitdefender product are you using ? Have you used a previous version of BitDefender ? Try to provide me with more details please.

    I am using BitDefender IS 2011. Before there was GData on this PC but no previous Version of BitDefender. Now I am trying all the steps that you wrote before and installed BitDefender "as clean as possible".

    I can tell you tomorrow if the clean install was the sloution...



  • AHEM! Was told (both my mail and (later) on here) apparently that a conflict MBAM is causing it (even though the conflict shouldn't exist, not having active protection, even if it tries to do something on boot, as you say, an exception should be added to the code to allow it to do so if the issue is known - and besides, it worked just fine alongside BD IS 2010). So (under protest) I uninstalled MBAM, then reinstalled BD (heh, forgot all about CCleaner and partially cleaned the registry by hand, after something like 100 leftover BitDefender entries deleted I just got fed up and hoped it was enough - did run CCleaner after uninstalling BD on the other computer it caused problems on and it found no less than 96 BD entries left to delete - fix your uninstaller people!) and the problem appeared gone.

    Well, that was until today's program update. I reboot after it and, what do you know, the problem came right back. Reboot again, the problem no longer exists. Hm, this is interesting, says I, so I reboot a 3rd time and, of course, the problem appears again. 4th reboot and I'm greeted by a blank screen (completely white) for some 15 seconds after the welcome screen vanishes, until my desktop finally appears. Problem gone again, but now it blocked some component of the tuner software loader visibly (I do have very high security settings, but since it didn't block it before...). So I just click allow and assume it'll load. Nope, it didn't load, and neither did Winamp Agent, without even a box saying it was blocked. So on comes reboot #5, with the same thing (can run stuff as admin, but wfwiz.exe and winampa.exe fail to load, without any blocking message). I go and add them myself to exceptions, run them manually to see they now load, then reboot the 6th time and everything seems to finally work right.

    All I can say about all this mess is would you kindly FIX IT people!?

    Oh, just now I see another program update... Now I wonder why am I wary of installing it, eh?

    Meant to send by mail, but leave it here, maybe it'll help others as well...

    PS: Speaking of updates, noticed recently a very disturbing change in BD 2011: I have it set to ask before downloading updates, just because program updates often cause issues regardless of version (or at least require reboots - trying to tell it to wait for reboot causes issues even more often, at least that's how it was back when I tried), and so far if I didn't specifically click ok (so if I ignored the window and it vanished on its own after 5 minutes, which is what you'd expect to happen if I'm not at the computer at the time - and that obviously happens a fair bit with a computer that's always on) it assumed I clicked cancel and not update. Well, BD 2011 apparently decides that if I don't specifically click cancel it can go right ahead and update, so I come home, turn on the monitor, sit down and am greeted by BD saying it needs to reboot. Say what??? When did I tell you that you could update???

    Noticed the update issue for some time, but didn't mind it since it didn't involve program updates so far... In fact I'd like a setting like that, silent definitions updates (though obviously skipping if they require uninstalled program updates) and ask before program updates, and don't even think of installing them until I tell you to!

  • Hi Cavalary,

    This is indeed the way BD 2011 was designed (just like 2010, 2009 and 2008).

    - signature updates 5 min from PC startup

    - product update 30 min from PC startup

    - signature + product update 60 min from PC startup

    After this, it follows the schedule set in the BitDefender interface.

    The reasoning behind all this would be the following:

    - an antivirus without the latest signatures is more likely not to detect / block an infection

    - product patches / updates can be applied to rectify product bugs / incorrect behaviors

    The same applies for the Update window if you have the module set to Prompt before downloading / installing updates. We are striving to keep all our user's PC clean, safe and protected from the latest threats launched into the void so yes, if you ignore the update window it will automatically consider that you accept the updates and it will proceed with the update.

    Considering the above keep in mind that it is NOT an update issue, that is how BitDefender was designed to work, for our users safety.

    Regarding the uninstall tool I do accept and consider the fact that the tool may not be perfect however we are working on improving it every single day. Most of the entries left after using the tool are just references to registry entries that are not vital to BitDefender nor mandatory to be removed. For a more efficient uninstall you can use the tool in Windows Safe Mode.

    About MBAM: No, we can not add an exception to the code for another security solution, that is just not appropriate. I truly can't understand why you wish to have more than a single security solution installed if you have that one set with that strict settings.

    Regarding the Winamp agent try to lower the IDS and AVC to a more reasonable level and I believe the issue will be resolved. As our note say when you set the AVC / IDS to Critical: Will generate a HIGH number of alerts, some of the false positive. Also for AVC set to Critical / High: Strict monitoring for ALL applications.

    If there is anything else I may help you with don't hesitate to contact us anytime!

  • Been using BD since 2004 (as I tend to keep mentioning whenever there are issues... unfortunately there ARE issues usually in the first 2 or so months after release and (very interestingly) in the last month before the release of the next version pretty much every single time, and they get no less frustrating) and I really don't think that all this time I just missed the fact that it was updating without me saying OK so far. If the computer was on overnight, when I'd sit in front of it after waking up, if I'd check the time of last update it'd be the time I last approved an update before going to bed (sometimes it'd say on the updates pane that update was canceled, sometimes it wouldn't, but it quite certainly didn't update). Again, don't mind silent definitions updates, in fact wish there'd be a way to make those silent but keep program updates on a tight leash, at least until I'll be sure they won't cause problems, which experience would strongly advise against assuming.

    The uninstall with 96 leftover items found by CCleaner was done under safe mode. And since I was told that the problems that appeared on that computer (messed up virus shield and unavailable update module) were due to a bad uninstall of the previous version, I'll say the need to improve the tool is quite significant. Admittedly, I've seen a less effective uninstaller once, though just the one.

    I certainly don't want to have more than a single security solution ACTIVE, but can't hurt to have something that could scan lying around, just in case (as on-line scans take forever). As I said before, I installed the free version of MBAM for a "second opinion" when I got a virus a while back for the first time on a computer used just by me in some 10 years (upside of strict security settings), saying that if BD didn't block it in the first place I'd rather have some other AV confirm that it successfully cleaned it later, and then kept it around just in case it'll happen again or to have something to perform a quick scan with in case BD acts up to rule out potential malware being the cause of BD acting up as opposed to just BD bugs.

    As for AVC/IDS, I don't mind the alerts (AVC's on high, not critical, by the way - it was on critical in BD 2010 actually), don't mind telling it to allow and remember a program I start the first time I start it and find it handy to tell me what tries to start on its own (not just in case of malware but simply to know what's loading on start-up and such, I'm curious :P), and don't have a problem with just telling it to allow and remember the first time that happens either. But blocking something WITHOUT telling me, well, that I DO have a problem with.

    (Heh, disabled AVC and IDS completely on the other computer I mentioned, since the person using it would have no idea what to do with any potential alerts and likely'd just block everything...)

    Now experience tells that (with the exception of BitDefender 10 (which was a buggy mess start to end that caused an untold number of issues and crashes) and BitDefender 2008 (which was troublesome on Vista till the end, though ran great on XP, in fact on XP it was the only one other than BitDefender 9, which really ran smoothly start-to-end, that didn't cause problems for me shortly after first installing it)) these issues will be ironed out over the next month or so and it'll usually run smoothly until late next summer, when it'll start having issues again, but it'd be a really nice change if in future versions they'd be ironed out BEFORE release...

  • Heh, rebooted again, just to test... And there was the can't run as admin problem again. Which once again went away after another reboot. It would be amusing if it wouldn't be infuriating, seems like BD tosses a ### to decide whether or not I can run stuff as admin. Which means we can quite definitely rule out MBAM as the cause anyway, so no more need to get on my case over that. (Oh, vulnerability scan is off too, since you mentioned it as a potential cause and I didn't need it anyway.)

    But I think I noticed something potentially useful, wonder if anyone else noticed something similar.

    I'm not sure if it happened before as well, but at least today after all the 3 reboots when the problem appeared I had a window pop up announcing an Adobe Flash Player update, while after all the reboots that didn't have the problem that window didn't appear. (Interestingly, I actually told it to do the update when it appeared the 2nd time, yet now it appeared again. Granted that it says that the current stable Flash Player isn't optimized for IE9 Beta, which is what I'm running, so if it warns me against installing the update if I go to download it manually it may decide against installing it automatically as well, which would explain the recurring announcements.) Maybe a conflict with the Flash updater then? Or simply a conflict with said updater's nasty habit of loading first thing after reboot instead of just letting you know of the update as soon as it notices that it exists...

    It's quite certainly not a problem caused by that updater on its own, since it didn't appear before BD 2011...

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