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Bitdefender 2011 Internet Security Frozen My Win7 Ultimate


I have install BD Internet security 2011 in my Win7 Ultimate, but it also freezes my computer. When I use my browser, Avant browser, for less than 5 minutes, then the computer will be frozen. So what can I do?


  • shadowx360
    edited October 2010

    Exact same problem. Booted up computer today, Windows couldn't load, everything froze. Running W7 Ultimate x64 on AMD Phenom II X2, Bitdefender 2010 x64

    Start of problems was the boot up today. I had to boot into safe mode and disable BD. BD also crashed yesterday.

  • Unknown
    edited November 2010


    ShadowX360: You have posted in the 2011 forum. Please follow the steps enclosed in THIS post.

    Henrich1668: follow the steps explained in THIS article then send me a PM with the generated log file.

    Looking forward to your answer!

  • how about my problem????????!!!!

  • Please check my last post again and send me the requested log files. Click on the HERE word and follow the steps to generate the requested log files.

  • I have sent what you asked to do to you twice !!!!!

  • Unknown
    edited November 2010

    Henrich1668 I know you did, you sent the file but the logs can't be used as being incomplete. Tried to put all pieces together to spare you the time in creating them again but I failed. Follow the steps below as it seems you have some issues in running the SupportTool:

    1. Download this file:

    2. Locate and open 'sysdump.exe'

    3. A command prompt window will appear on your screen. Please note that the information gathering process can take several minutes therefore please wait until the window disappear by itself.

    4. The result will be the file called 'SYSDUMP.TAR'

    5. When you have the sysdump.tar please upload it then send me a PM with the download link INCLUDING a topic link.

    6. Include a DETAILED description of the issue you encounter: reproduce the steps you take until the issue occur and, if possible, enclose a screenshot of any error message you receive.

    Looking forward to your answer!

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