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  • I think we should wait (with patiently) some corrective fix. It's being "fixed" since the release of Windows 8... Someone in Bitdefender really has to hate those tiles...
  • These are files of Windows (taskhost) and MS Word (winword). I guess you do have MS Word, right? There is no need to block them.
  • Hello, Are you performing a scan while checking the on-access scanning? No! During the scan I also noticed these custom settings, but it is back to normal after the scan (and seems to be logical). As I said, it changes automatically after switching windows users. Thank you in advance for your concern Georgia. Would you be…
  • Mobile app anlyzes data online/in the cloud only. Try to scan your device being offline - it won't work.
  • 2014/02/02 15:30:41.126 [NDISLIB] Filter enabled. 2014/02/02 15:30:41.126 [bDFW] [DEVIO] Firewall enabled. 2014/02/02 15:33:45.523 [NDISLIB] Filter disabled. 2014/02/02 15:33:45.523 [bDFW] [DEVIO] Firewall disabled. I noticed these in the firewall log. Every day, and every day my Bitdefender loose his ability to "create"…
  • I just tried to turn the Wallet OFF. Everything seems to be ok, co I close the Bitdefender GUI app. I run the app once again and what I see? The wallet is still On! User mode and auto-pilot gives the same result. Any ideas?
  • Default settings change to custom, if I try to log as another user. When I back to admin account, this setting is still custom. This "custom" settings are different than defaults.
  • I have recently switched to Bitdefender AV from two different competing products (one on my desktop and a different one on my laptop). As a basic security precaution, I always run my windows user as a standard user and not as an administrator. Bitdefender is lacking some usability features that make running as a standard…
  • I mean the Bitdefender Internet Security 2014. On our german website you cannot find the Windows 8 Security, only the other security solutions. 2014, known aslo as the "New Bitdefender" Take 2014. Win8Security uses 2013 technology I guess.
  • Try a restart first. When you launch the game, there should be a pop up if you want to allow the game or not. Or you can just add the directly in the exclusion list. Thank you for your reply. Well, there is no pop up. The proces of the game starts for few seconds, and then it is killed by Bitdefender. Without notification.…
  • no problem here either, have you changed any firewall settings since installing internet security? I have the default settings. The things also doesn't work properly: SmartScreen for files in Desktop mode and Service Center connections. Bitdefender has been installed on fresh and updated Windows 8. The typical malfunction…
  • This restriction applies to all we know.
  • I must admit that the icon look worse than google site and worse than icons of AV competitors. It's not the priority for me, but it would be nice to get better visuals.
  • Hi, I have a problem, been in contact with suport but they stoped replying after some useless answers, like : turn it on.... And the last one : update bitdefender and update windows. And now customoursuport doesnt work anymore cause they made a new link for that wich does not work with iOS.... Wack! Obviously i update…
  • I just made a fresh install of Windows 8 Pro. I had a hope that Windows Live Tiles would finally function. AFTER installing Bitdefender Windows 8 Security the Live Tiles became useless... Only Mail and Photo apps work correctly. This problem was posted along time ago and there is still no fix for that. Should't be done…
  • Sandbox mode does not work with Modern UI version of Internet Explorer. In fact there are many things that does not work with BD Win8 Security on Windows 8! Isn't that weird??
  • I have newest update. I did reboot. Nothing changed. Still doesn't work.
  • I was getting so frustrated because of my live tiles in Windows 8 stopped working. Actually, they didnt even refresh anymore, they also showed weird behavior like the buttons for "turn on/off live tiles" were gone on some tiles. I tried to remove and reinstall them, causing some to get "stuck" during installation in the…
  • Not true. I have and still the live tiles, and other Windows functions aren working properly. The same version. Windows 8 Live tiles are not working properly! No data is shown on live tiles. Moreover, reinstalling (or updating) the app causes that button on/off live tile content disappears in the options!!!
  • Bitdefender Windows 8 Security doesn't allow me to install new windows updates, because they are "infected". Variant.Symmi.71 - detected in updates. Bitdefender even deleted something during Win8 boot (ELAM?). After few attempts, eveyrthing was installed - after some time - without disabling antivirus.
  • Does anyone can write something about it? Software has been updated to *1710. Case closed.
  • I noticed that Biitdefender Internet Security 2013 received update *1684. How is it with Windows 8 Security software? My W8Security is *1682 and won't update higher even after repair or reinstall. Thanks in advance for reply Does anyone can write something about it?
  • Can I use the same uninstall tool for 2013 version in order to uninstall Windows 8 Security also? If not from where I can get the uninstall tool for it? This tool won't uninstall W8Security in a right way (I tried ). I guess there is no such a tool. You will have to use installation file or Control Panel.
  • Windows 8 Tiles still are not working properly. What about some fix for that?
  • Windows 8 Security (latest update) - tiles also don't work. On Internet Security 2013 I also have this issue. Only allowing Windows Explorer traffic on http helped. I also noticed that Action Center couldn't connect to the internet to show me problem with drivers. Win 8 Pro (x64)
  • The biggest competitors of Bitdefender are giving ELAM features and Modern UI app for free (as a a part of main product of course). Soon I will buy license for another year of AV product. I am considering Bitdefender or one of the competitors. I think this case will give me the answer for everything.
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