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  • I think we should wait (with patiently) some corrective fix. It's being "fixed" since the release of Windows 8... Someone in Bitdefender really has to hate those tiles...
  • These are files of Windows (taskhost) and MS Word (winword). I guess you do have MS Word, right? There is no need to block them.
  • Hello, Are you performing a scan while checking the on-access scanning? No! During the scan I also noticed these custom settings, but it is back to normal after the scan (and seems to be logical). As I said, it changes automatically after switching windows users. Thank you in advance for your concern Georgia. Would you be…
  • Mobile app anlyzes data online/in the cloud only. Try to scan your device being offline - it won't work.
  • 2014/02/02 15:30:41.126 [NDISLIB] Filter enabled. 2014/02/02 15:30:41.126 [bDFW] [DEVIO] Firewall enabled. 2014/02/02 15:33:45.523 [NDISLIB] Filter disabled. 2014/02/02 15:33:45.523 [bDFW] [DEVIO] Firewall disabled. I noticed these in the firewall log. Every day, and every day my Bitdefender loose his ability to "create"…
  • I just tried to turn the Wallet OFF. Everything seems to be ok, co I close the Bitdefender GUI app. I run the app once again and what I see? The wallet is still On! User mode and auto-pilot gives the same result. Any ideas?
  • Default settings change to custom, if I try to log as another user. When I back to admin account, this setting is still custom. This "custom" settings are different than defaults.
  • I have recently switched to Bitdefender AV from two different competing products (one on my desktop and a different one on my laptop). As a basic security precaution, I always run my windows user as a standard user and not as an administrator. Bitdefender is lacking some usability features that make running as a standard…
  • I mean the Bitdefender Internet Security 2014. On our german website you cannot find the Windows 8 Security, only the other security solutions. 2014, known aslo as the "New Bitdefender" Take 2014. Win8Security uses 2013 technology I guess.
  • Try a restart first. When you launch the game, there should be a pop up if you want to allow the game or not. Or you can just add the directly in the exclusion list. Thank you for your reply. Well, there is no pop up. The proces of the game starts for few seconds, and then it is killed by Bitdefender. Without notification.…
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