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  • I have this issue as well on my Desktop running Windows 7 x64...do i have to send logs or anything? I would assume by Georgia's post I will just have to wait for an update to fix this issue. Thanks.
  • It only does it every now and then so I will wait and see if the problem is resolved with Incoming ICMPv6 off and if it isn't, I will also turn firewall off. If one of these is the problem, I'll let you know. It may be another few days or a dozen days before I respond because the problem cannot be forced to occur. I do…
  • I expect to not be annoyed by ads for a product I paid for. I thought ads were supposed to help pay for something a company gives out for free?
  • That looks like crap. It looks old, has no color, and is almost like Malwarebytes which has a terrible looking interface.
  • What's the solution? Anyone fix this yet? BitDefender tech support, can you help us out here?
  • Just wondering if this was resolved. No moderator replied.
  • Here's the BD dump file: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ikrusd
  • I get a Bdfndisf.sys blue screen error while loading a webpage and it stops loading or the browser cant load the page because the system is about to crash. I've also noticed that my computer has troubles staying connected to wireless networks, disconnects often, and sometimes cannot connect without restarting the wireless…
  • By seeing the replies above I would now assume the BitDefender forum isn't impervious to bots posting here advertising websites. Take a look at SEnuke xcr...that's what I'm talking about. Someone delete these posts above.
  • I want to make decisions like allow permanently or just allow this time or deny permanently ONCE per program unless I didn't select permanently through the popup window because now it'll ask me multiple times for the same program... I don't want to have to go into the firewall applications settings and change it there.
  • I'm pretty sure a widget is supposed to ONLY be on the desktop. I've used windows widgets before and they're called widgets because they are extra info to put onto your desktop. Am I wrong guys? This guy must not know what a widget is. BitDefender has implemented this correctly as it is on the desktop even though Windows…
  • I've sent them about 5 or so reports for various bugs and have yet to hear back from one of them so let me know if you get a reply from yours as I've probably had this issue before. So many bugs I cannot remember.
  • Ccleaner didn't fix the problem for me. Does anyone at BitDefender here know the problem?
  • It doesn't and if it did, you can trust these people. You need to upload it to sendspace and post the link here so they can download it and see if there are any interfering programs or if you're settings in bitdefender need to be changed. Hope this helps.
  • I have ccleaner on my computer already and run it every now and then. I will run it right now and see if that helped.
  • It makes even more sense especially for you using drop box, but this is a good idea. I see you signed up just to add your opinion in which shows its important to you. Hopefully BitDefender takes it that way.
  • 3 and 4 are the most needed i believe. Number 3 is just a given. Every other antivirus allows a popup menu for the user to choose what they want to do so why not BitDefender; the best antivirus made? I realize you guys want to make BitDefender do everything without the user's knowledge and have no alerts or popups…
  • Personally I don't use this feature, but it'd be a great idea and seems just too obvious of a feature.
  • I still haven't gotten this to work even with the most previous update and the larger one today. Anything you can figure out from that log? Have you discovered a bug in wallet?
  • You can't. BitDefender doesn't want a lot of settings so a novice user doesn't get confused and mess something up from what I understand. This should be implemented because something as simple as choosing when to have the product auto-update should be in every antivirus product. For now, you can disable auto update and do…
  • Found many issues and bugs in the New Bitdefender, but not interested to post here, because of no response on my previously posted issues/bugs/feature requests. I have to agree here. They do reply now and then, but all of the requests over the years for new stuff to be implemented into the GUI have mostly been turned down…
  • I sent you a PM last night, but apparently it didn't send as it's not in my sent folder. I uninstalled everything asked, but the ZoneAlarm because it's not integrated into Chrome nor is it in my programs list, but I did run a ZoneAlarm uninstaller last night to remove the remnants of ZoneAlarm. The Wallet still doesn't…
  • Why would a regular user exclude an infected file? Most antiviruses have this option. If it were a huge deal, BitDefender could have a popup window saying "Are you sure?" and an explanation. The solution would be to make it excluded by right clicking on it instead of a button.
  • @Bulletbling Thank you for uploading the logs. Because you have multiple security solutions I will first send you a few steps via PM to uninstall them. Then, if the navigation between wallet columns or entries is still very slow I will need new logs so I can submit them to our testing team. I wasn't aware that I had…
  • http://www.sendspace.com/file/98ocmc
  • You told us how to open the support tool, but where is the log saved? Also, the support tool takes at least 10 minutes every time I report a problem.
  • I agree with you. How does BitDefender know that these applications are safe for the firewall? Could it prompt us about each application? No, because BitDefender is too simple without these options. Paranoid mode will alert multiple times for each application when all I want is for it to prompt once about each application…
  • There's no way to get them back through BitDefender. You see, the people here at BitDefender cater to novices who don't know anything about computers so they like their security software to do everything for you without letting you know. This is why it deleted your stuff without notifying you. Many people would like a…
  • Shouldn't this already be integrated into your browser?
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