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  • Hey Alexandru, I'm not using another security product alongside Bitdefender. Just with the new Android 13 the security and privacy setting is Renewed and now it says that i should activatie device security. I didn't activate it because i have Bitdefender installed, but my question is can i activate it and if no can't…
  • Hey all, I have the Android 13 update on my S22 galaxy and everything works fine... But i have one question, the new security tab in setting gives a warning that device security is not activated... I know now that this is the build in AV from Mc Affee ....can i activate that or wil this interfere with Bitdefender…
  • Hello, Reinstalled BMS and everything is working normal again.. Thanks for the help. Sven
  • Also what about the license problem in Central app
  • Hey Mike, You mean by disable that Bitdefender security is not battery optimised and Android can disable web protection...?
  • Also when i try to locate the phone i can't and central app is saying i don't have a license....?!
  • Hey Alexandru, I totaly agree with Sohan.... On my tablet (tab S3) i have LineageOS from xda and still using Kaspersky because of the fact that Bitdefender doesn't scan everything.
  • Thanks for your answers Alexandru
  • I unchecked everything in Windows Bitdefender... Still recommendations in Android app...
  • Alexandru, I didn't check the Windows app yet, going to do that later... If i click on "meer informatie" its stays there, but when i install vpn + central and the password manager the recommendations are gone. After i uninstall the three aps the recomondation are there again... :/
  • Hey Alexandru, I'm indeed referring to the recommendations in the dashboard tab. See attachment.
  • Hey Alexandru, Thanks for your answer. I just bought Total Security and was testing it on my phone now and have a question, can you set a full scan scope or does the program do a full scan after an update.... Thanks, Sven