bitdefender protection against uninstallation


A question, has Bitdefender a protection against uninstallation?

I mean if there is a malware that tries to uninstall Bitdefender, can it "defends" itself against that?

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    Hello @Kempie

    This is a very good question 🙂

    Yes, Bitdefender has self protection against uninstalling and stopping processes. In addition, you can also set a password which restricts access to any changes and prevents other users from altering the antivirus settings on the PC. You can find out more information regarding password protection in the article below:

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  • Alexandru_BD
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    Yes, Bitdefender has heuristic engines that detect malware, even if there are no existing signatures and it basically detects the attempt to be uninstalled by another program. It scans all processes running continuously and if one of them takes uninstallation action, it will know and slap them on the wrist 😃


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    I guess the OP means: Does Bitdefender has self-defense/self-protection where Bitdefender itself blocks all attempts to modify or delete Bitdefender files, to modify or delete Bitdefender memory processes, to modify or delete Bitdefender registry entries, to uninstall Bitdefender etc.

    By uninstallation of Bitdefender i mean not just uninstallation from anyone who has access to the pc/laptop on which Bitdefender is installed, but an uninstallation of Bitdefender that is somehow "made" by malware, that Bitdefender missed to detect.

    And that is an interesting question.

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