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  • 20 hours ago, mickyf said: Same issue here too! Come on Bitdefender, you've had plenty of time to fix this now! Same issue here. Windows 10, BD How hard can it be to fix this?
  • Same problem here. Task bar icon is very slow to appear after boot. I haven't timed it but 3-4 minutes would be about right. Also, I have the option to show the BD security widget turned on, but next boot it is turned off!
  • I am having the same issue - This page will not take my email address, keeps prompting me that I must enter a valid email address.
  • I have 3 PCs running BD 2013, build One of theses PCs is a laptop that my wife uses. There can be days when this laptop is not turned on at all. Today BD on this laptop has the following event/issue: "Fix" tick box "No update has been performed in the last 1 day(s) Status: Not started. Why does BD not start…
  • Installation date isn't really that important. Just the version number. Any reason for having this? As I said in the first post, with the install date, users who have a problem occurring with the program can see if the problem started after the latest release was installed. With "silent update" on, the user is not aware…
  • What SANDBOX ????????????????? Or do you mean SAFEBOX?
  • QUOTE (Ed B @ Sep 22 2012, 11:59 AM) /index.php?/topic/37290-autoscan-turning-itself-off/#comment-159040" rel=""><{POST_SNAPBACK}> I too am having the same issue and already have that update. Same problem here, but only on one of three PCs.
  • The suspect file was last "restored" by me on 29 August at 11:56am - nearly 2 days ago. Since then it has NOT been moved to quarantine, and the Exclusion rule is still in place. So maybe this issue has resolved itself somehow Well, it didn't last. Today the file was moved to quarantine yet again. The exclusion rule is…
  • The suspect file was last "restored" by me on 29 August at 11:56am - nearly 2 days ago. Since then it has NOT been moved to quarantine, and the Exclusion rule is still in place. So maybe this issue has resolved itself somehow
  • PM with the download link sent. Why is it that my SENT MESSAGES is empty after sending you a PM? Max
  • I have found that items added to the "Excluded processes" list don't stay in the list. After a reboot, the list is empty. Items added to "Excluded file & folders" preserves the additions after reboot. Thanks, Leighton No problem with this here. 4 processes excluded, and BDTS "remembers" them after a reboot. Win 7 64-bit
  • After examining the event logs it looks like the process vsserv.exe has been bringing my computer out of sleep since 5/4/2012. Quite annoying to wake up in the morning to my computer having almost no charge left. Is there a fix in the works? When can we expect this fix to be pushed out? After using BDTS 2013 since its…
  • (no edit post option) I just made a post and there is an EDIT button next to the QUOTE and REPLY buttons. Maybe it doesn't stay there for long
    in Safepay Comment by empezza June 2012
  • Using BD TS 2013. I have set up 4 sites in SAFEPAY. When i selected any of these sites from Firefox (version 13.0.1) bookmarks, Safepay automatically opens. So far so good. But I have 2 problems. 1. Safepay takes over the entire screen. The task bar is not visible, nor any other programs that may be open. So I cannot…
    in Safepay Comment by empezza June 2012
  • Will you please post download links for all BD 2013 full installation kits when officially released? Just like you have for 2012. Thank you. I second the request by Charyb above. I shouldn't have to download the whole file 3 times for my 3 PC licence. And what happened to the update release? The main BD website has had a…
  • I have the same problem for the last 2-3 months and it's the first time I see others having the issue. I also have it in Hibernation mode. I hope it will be fix soon, it's very annoying, boot time is so long from power off. Just confirming that under Windows 7 64-bit I have this problem when using either SLEEP or…
  • Hello Welcome to the forums! It will be fixed soon and have no worries about the license key, I can give you an extra period of trial. If you want to save electricity, why don't you use hibernate? Take care. Hi Christian, Has this problem been fixed in the soon to be released BD 2013? Cheers, Max
  • I've had this problem as well and I think I've found a workaround as well. For windows 7, in "Power Options", under advanced settings -> Sleep -> Allow wake timers -> "Disable" works for me. At least my computer slept for an hour before I manually woke it up. That's a new record, so it seems like it works. Whilst the above…
  • Hello It should be fixed soon. As a workaround, we recommend you to use Hibernate instead of the Sleep function. Have a great weekend! Hi Christian, Can you please give us an idea of when this will be fixed? I am currently trialing BD, with 18 days left. The wake from sleep issue is a deciding factor for me on whether to…
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